Biriyani Andre Bae

A few days back I was reading “The Flavours of Nationalism”  by Nandita Haksar where she proposed in the sub-continent if there’s a single dish which should be pronounced as our National Dish it should be khichdi , however in my mental conversation with her I was nodding and saying it should be biriyani .

Hailing from Calcutta , considering Hyderabad as second home and considering Bangalore home now , I realized this is one dish which might vary from kitchen to kitchen , region to region, but keeps everyone happy. So be it at the end of a political rally or teenage lovey-dovey days this is one dish which has won the hearts of million.

In Bangalore , the love leaps by a few more degree as not only people travel and queue for their favourite dish – there’s a club where people known or unknown – travel , gather and happily socialize over this wholesome dish. I have been lucky to be with this club since inception. 

That’s how the post ‘biriyani for breakfast‘ was penned. After many missed events, today – I could again taste 3 types of biriyani from a new place (for me) @atthemane_biriyanipalace (which translates to mother-in-laws biriyani place).

We tried the keema biriyani, atthemane special and the chicken biriyani after 2 starters , out of which pepper one stood out.

The mothership was known for their hand pounded spices which later gave in to this biriyani joint. They still use the same recipe and the ground masalas. The rice base remains same – the topping (if I may call it so) differs as per your order.

The one with green masala is the house speciality. While I enjoyed it thoroughly , be aware of the spice level if your tolerance level is yet to mature. If you don’t want to sweat it out at the gym , this is your other option.Overall , lovely meeting some old friends and sharing the table with fellow Biriyani enthusiasts for whom ‘biriyani andre bae’ ! 

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