A long pending visit to the ‘Druid Garden’

I had first seen pics of this place through my friend Richa Gupta’s post during its inauguration. Since then , this place in Saharakarnagar has been at the back of my mind. On a grueling day (Wednesday) after the days grill I visited The Druid Garden , finally marking the ‘tick’ ,which was long due in my list of ‘to visit’.

In spite of numerous  plans made with friends and family , none of them materialized. Finally, that evening when I sat there with Chef Sajosh,  I could imagine all those chats , banters , reunions which did not take place. During college days, under  School of philosophy – there was a concept of ‘abhāv’ introduced to us , e.g. – you see the ashes and think of an incense; you see a part of a body and imagine the entire human being to whom this belonged to – that evening was similar.

Some of my foodie friends are in awe of this place, I missed them. I could only try a few starters amongst which the lamb starter is something I really relished. Currently their menu is undergoing change, but they served me Mapo Tofu and sticky rice , on request.

The place is spread across 2 floors and we sat on the terrace section. It was really nice to see people chilling there over a long period of time. I was told and observed that families too come  here and like socializing over food with time in hand. 

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