A visit to Kapoor’s Cafe – where they started from

This post revolves around Kapoor’s Cafe, though initially my intended destination was the newly opened Kapoor’s Chat Bhandar , a pitfall of following maps blindly.

By the time my friend Shruti and I , reached here , she was so hungry that I did not have the heart to ask her to steer our way to the intended destination.

Initially, just like most bongs – she remarked , it’s a punjabi place and no chicken , but once she finished her meal – the smile said it all.Now this same pic is her insta profile pic too.

Having seen this family work really hard to get where they are and the way they are growing, yet they are so humble , there’s lot of life lessons to take from them .

P.s. this was their first venture under the name Kapoor’s Cafe.

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