Some good old memories should remain untampered

Last evening after the showers went for a quick spin on my two-wheeler – just to smell the fresh air and smell the petrichor. I saw two of the popular biriyani hotspots in the neighborhood were open. Usually, I stop at the other one which sells Muslim biriyani and I really love it.

For a change and nostalgia’s sake I thought of stopping at SGS Gundu Palav. I remember as part of Bengaluru Biriyani Club we went to this hole in the wall place in Chickpet and loved the food. I still remember the taste of the biriyani served in Donnes ,which added it’s unique taste to the rice along with the ghee . 

However, this one packed in plastic container, did not have any of those flavours. In fact, you can make it out clearly that the rice and chicken were cooked separately, the juiciness of chicken pieces were absolutely drained out. All these have been just assimilated and served like an arranged marriage. No offense. 

I still devoured. Will I go for a repeat order? Not possibly. 

Let the good old memories linger …..

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