Popular Breakfast joint in the neighborhood champions sustainability in their own way

I clearly notice that for the past 2 weeks people have started venturing out on the streets again. Earlier a sole person from the family used to come out and rush back with the groceries whereas now the couple is coming out to do the same. The women folks attire reminds me of my Christian friends and their preparation for Sundays. Unlike last year or till a few months ago, women came out in their jammies, lack of better places to go, now they are making the grocery pilgrimage their choicest fashion show. 

It was my niece’s ‘mukhey bhaat’ (first rice ceremony), as much as I wished to be with the family at this moment, I had to be practical. I stepped out to buy sweets and distribute it among few fond hearts who feed me regularly.

In Bangalore, breakfast is a very important part and start of the day and many a breakfast joints are almost revered. One such pitstop took me past Kannan Café. I had heard from friends the place is known for the pongal. So even before I realized my 2 wheeled companion parked itself and I joined the ‘q’. 

There was a separate waiting for the multiple online deliveries which made the chunk of share. Few enthusiasts like me who like to look, feel, smell, soak in the atmosphere and buy – stood in a different spot. I chose a light breakfast combo and a coconut holige and paid online.

They also insisted next time I can get my own boxes and that was a brilliant initiative according to me. More such places should go for such sustainable options. Though I got this for breakfast – It was literally my lunch. 

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