Trippy Goat and surfeiting on artisanal Pizzas – life is good!

There are certain things in Bangalore , which has made me embrace it as home. Albeit  lot of things are changing, and we are changing too. To a Mumbaikar life here is sloth , but to me – that’s the charm ! 

And now almost after 23 months when life is getting back to old ways and we have a few words added to our dictionary like revenge travel, revenge hiring , I don’t accord with it. I feel it’s the time to pause , connect and rekindle the human touch which we lost in the past 2 years. And I am glad that some of the places in Bangalore retains that old charm. To me @trippygoatcafe will be one such place henceforth. 

The first time I had heard the name , being the ardent #Friend’s fan, it sounded to me like “smelly cat” (no malice intended). For the paucity of company, I had not been able to visit it all this while. The opportunity sprung forth when Chef Abhijit Saha asked me to join him, to taste a surfeit of  pizzas he has introduced . Trust me – once I was back home, I could not stop talking about it.

I stood outside the cafe , under the green canopy , looking up at the peeping moon, hearing people talk ,eat, clink their glasses and I told myself we are good ! 

The words which came to my head was ‘tranquil’ ‘calm’ , yes, I am smitten by the place. 

P.S. in the heart of CBD car parking is not the thing you have to break your head over here, at least.

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