Rainy Nights and Fried Chicken Sojourns

When you have craving for some spicy fried chicken, but online delivery shows exorbitant price , be #atmanirbhar and get your own fix.
When I stepped in to the shop , another gentleman entered the shop from the right and before I could place my order he had already placed his order for the last 2 pieces of chicken adorning the shelf. I did not take off my mask or helmet, which I usually follow these days when I go out. In the meantime, Mr. Right Entry got those Chicken pieces , paid and walked away. I was dumbstruck for a while , and then fumbled  and asked,  “are you closed ? Are you done ?”Which is the obvious.
wp-1590807097304.jpgHowever visiting a place for 2 days on the trot has its own perk, that too in India , when a lady steps out in a dark (there was power cut for the past few hours) and rainy night & the clock is actually about to show the time which is the fixed advertising hour , for all model clocks.
The guy at the counter , told me if I can wait for 15-20 mins he can make a fresh batch for me. The insane foodie in me said , this was the reason why Mr. Right Entry got those 2 pieces which was fried – Gawd knows when.
So I said yes, even before I realized. Initially I watched him choose the pieces, dust it with the marinade and follow his standard operating procedures, but then I picked up my phone and dialed R, who is still behind our time and behind the desk , while we already wished others at work – “a happy weekend”.
The next 15 mins passed by along with the phone , passing by cars and 2 wheelers and the street lights blinking for few seconds and the place plunging back to darkness.
wp-1590807097347.jpgIn the meantime another swiggy guy arrived , who would have been , as I was expecting to be told : “we are done for the day” . But the lone sales cum service boy seemed to have intuitively put a few extra pieces , thinking about this swiggy personnel. Both of us maintained social distancing and stuck to the farthest corners of the entrance, saving ourselves from the rain , of-course.
Eventually Mr. swiggy was served first , so for once we don’t have to be obliged under “ladies first” , me thought. But soon I realized 🙂 the reason. Anyways , I was still happy to pick up a few extra pieces and let this guy clean and close the shop early. I even managed to ask him for some extra hot spicy dust to relish my fried chicken and carried home the half bucket.wp-1590807097331.jpg
wp-1590807097266.jpgIf the question tossed towards me be – is the bucket half full or empty – the answer was plain visible – it was full to the brim , so was my heart ❤️ !

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