The unsung heroes in every home – who are fighting – protecting their families in their own way during Covid War

I met Sumi Di through a different connection. I used to teach her daughter, Swathi and gradually the relationship became so intimate it’s like the bigger family now. They have attended my brother’s wedding and I have also attended their nephews wedding and their friends daughter’s wedding.

I cannot recall the numerous delicious meals I have had at their place. Sometimes I have gone just for a chai , we have had tea followed by dinner and then we again sneaked out for a quick hangout in  Indiranagar too. This lovely couple still represents the old charm warmth and humanity which we otherwise thought only existed in books or movies.

Last evening was no exception, I was called and told that there was mutton in the house , hence Sumi Di is making mutton samosas. I volunteered to pick up as my apartment has a no guest policy now , for obvious reasons. To maintain social distancing I said I shall just pick up from outside and come back. What I came back with is my snacks , dinner and breakfast too !

wp-1589942076165.jpgShe had packed – wakhri Samosa (I had introduced her to Anisa’s kitchen ones, in 2018, and this is her rendition ) .

wp-1589942076157.jpgA bowl of meen moilee (again another wishful thinking coming true –  I was craving for fish, but did not want to buy an entire one for my household of one, so voila) .

wp-1589942076133.jpgCrab Roast (you have to try her seafood dishes to know why sometimes I visit famous places yet cannot appreciate them fully) and puttu (though home made even that has a twist).


Someday when she becomes famous for her food – i will boast of writing about it first 🙂wp-1589942076089.jpg

She represents the million of moms at home who love their families . Cook for them day in  day out – delicious meals , which might not make it to magazines, blogs or social media. But the fact remains they are fighting this war in their own way too during this time of crisis – with the entire family at home , chores to be done yet keep the family happy with good food as that’s the only thing we reward ourselves with these days .


That’s my mom,another covid home warrior who stepped out after 40 years of married life in which she never had to step out or stand in the line for any household work.However in the current situation she a long with my sis in law did step out as my brother and father were unwell and absolutely not in a position to step out.She managed to balance both the indoor and outdoor needs of the family. 

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