Monsoon 2020 has officially arrived in India

wp-1591063557195.jpgSince this morning – so many things are happening which can be either called as coincidence or gosh …. Creepy.

I woke up with my lady help coming back and reclaiming her job , albeit I kept her payment up-to-date till May end , ever since she came back from her native village (temple town , Tiruvannamalai) she was eager to join back work .

I actually love the quietness of the morning, where I start the day alone. But the way she said that just taking the pay and not working is just not done , while others are availing my services , I was too zombie to argue, so I said we will talk later and sent her back. wp-1591063557204.jpgWhen I get up in the middle of my sleep I normally feel a sudden pang of hunger 😴 😔  , so I grabbed 2 crackers from the unopened pack and went back to bed. Later I  realized that these were the coconut ones which my friend Sarani was talking about yesterday. So thats Coincidence No. 1.


I started my work week-month-day-quarter and I realized it’s time to turn the leaf of the desk calendar on my work table and then i notice with bewilderment  at the pic for the month of June. So I unknowingly started with the same. Coincidence no. 2.

wp-1591063557165.jpgLast night I had brought back the ball lilies which were yet to show up and I had kept the pots downstairs to get soaked in rainwater and now I have 4  blooms.

wp-1591063557220.jpgUnknowingly I said to myself , so adieu summer this is the start of monsoon in my heart and just a few minutes ago I read it in Google that unlike other years when officially monsoon starts in India through Kerala around 7th or 8th of June, this year 1st of June is the official start.

So as they say in my mother tongue – baar baar 3 baar. 3 coincidences today.
By the way, according to Bengali calendar it’s still ‘joistho’. No wonder my mom keeps complaining of the heat and no respite , Inspite of the aamphan and regular showers .


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