Hop out of the metro, bus , cab or auto and hop inside The Bangalore Street Club

When I had visited Singapore a few years back , one of the many things I liked about them and wanted it to be replicated in India was the food court right outside the metro stations etc , where people could grab their dinner or meal on their way home. The options were varied so no need to repeat the same thing again and again. These food court also provided that ambiance and option where people could freely choose to eat different things and sit down together to eat.

IMG-20191213-WA0022.jpgThat is the exact picture which flashed when my parents and I visited #thebangalorestreetclub on a Monday evening recently, on my way back from work. We were to meet Midway, finish some shopping and then we decided to try this place in #lidomall

If you are a acquainted with #paulfernandez and his works , you will find mention of lido cinemas and life around it. The theatre is long gone , thankfully the mall which came up in the same location has retained the same name.

Coming back to my experience , the moment you step in there is an old world charm right from the lights, the tiles , the chairs etc.

My parents and I started with the charred dhokla chaat and egg kejriwal.

Then something very fancy caught my attention – guess what ? It was a rosogolla Chaat … I had seen someone once posting about the rosogolla Chaat , I never had it before and therefore it’s imperative that we had to try it . I was skeptical about my grown up babies (read my parents) but even they happily shared the rosogolla Chaat with me.
IMG-20191213-WA0042.jpg The pleasure of digging the fork into the rosogolla served in the yogurt mixed with all other ‘chaat’ ingredients initially seemed weird . But after a couple of bites it seemed as if I had known it for a long time and would love to have again and again.

I also ordered for a dosa and when it was served on the table , I was overjoyed as this was the exact kind of dosa I wanted to have as my first meal , when I came back from the US. In Hyderabad I used to order the same and it used to be known as 70 mm. Just like the movie screen.

IMG-20191213-WA0050.jpgMy parents saw the biriyani on the menu and wanted nothing else. The name is very interesting ‘ Russel market style biriyani’ . Can you believe it , it even had ‘aloo’
IMG-20191213-WA0027.jpgI am the pseudo mallu , who had meen & kappa. It had been ages since I had this and this is not the kind of dish we cook at home . The spices and the taste was spot on.

Can biriyani be unaccompanied by firni ?! Not for the Bengalis … So we shared a firni while watching the metros passing by. It reminded me of #lallys in #jaksonheight, #nyc … Not so long ago.

The Bangalore Street Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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