Mother’s Day 2019

Well, since my school days I am fond of the concept of ‘this day’ and ‘that day’, which is probably not so common in my side of the world. People argue “why do you need a specific day for someone?” , “When you are in any kind of relationship all days are the same and not just one dedicated day”. I feel it’s important to take the time out and tell that person , why you are special. If this dedicated day was not there , we are too busy in our day to day lives to take the time out and spend time with that person. My friends argued that these are the products of a capitalistic world – which profits from our emotions. I don’t understand all these things. All I know is ,just like my birthday is special, people take the time out to spend time for me , spend time with me , to make me feel good , why not have this special day to help people take the time out.

This year being in the US , I got to see the way this side of the world celebrates it . It was really grand. It surprised me initially, but later I realized why not , if Valentine’s Day can be so special where people go at length to make their lady love, girlfriends, spouses , etc feel special , why not take similar steps for the mothers. Right from the restaurants , botanical parks , luxury brands , #samsclub, #walmart I saw so many #flower #bouquets and other products selling I was astonished and amused. I even saw bouquets with tiny teddy bears. I really felt nice. Wish the Indian mother’s got such stuffs too. When they were young , they never got treated royally for the #ValentinesDay and now in their prime they would feel shy to accept these gifts. Hope in a few year from now , things change.

The best one was at #bloomingdale where they emphasized on #callyourmom. Well, gifts or outings might or might not happen , the best gift to give them is to call them . I personally felt this is so important.

I called my mom and the following discussion really amused me. I shall translate it for all of you to understand, but the bengalee version was so quick and the sole witness was my brother’s friend who was visiting us this weekend. Later we spoke about it for quite some time.

Me : happy mother’s day , Ma !

Ma : Thank you . Did you post something on Facebook , I didn’t see.

Me: No , I didn’t post any .

Ma : why ?

Me. I never posted anything before. But, I put one of our pictures , on Instagram.

Ma: What’s that ?

Me : That’s another social media platform , you won’t understand.

Ma: (even before I finished) : why am I not there ? (Ami tatey nei keno ? )

It left me dumbstruck for sometime. Then I regaled her saying , you have too many things in hand , so don’t worry about all this .

Well, it’s not her fault, you see. Till now I used to keep checking with her , did you see my #facebooklive , did you see that post ? All her social media handles were created and handed over to her , by me. These days, even they have peer pressure , so a mere call is not enough (on a lighter note)

Here is the pic I posted on Instagram under the handle #avrilsfoodjournee

This was the poster at the #peruvian restaurant I had my brunch this Sunday sans my ma , after the above episode.

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