Food and Friday memories revived on a lunch date

Since beginning of 2009 I am working in RMZ Ecospace on an off, in 2 different organizations. Irrespective of the organization, the Friday ritual was to eat out in the Bay. Initial days I was a regular at the Beijing Bites, but last few years I chose #californiaburrito bowls. Sometimes my friend cum last manager Bhavana and I ,queued up in this outlet while the ‘chchutkus’ (as we referred them) of our team went hunting for other things for lunch. We don’t have pictures of those busy Fridays where this ‘lunch in the #bay’ was the only respite , before closing all loose ends of the week.

It’s here in this country I have started appreciating a bright sunny day. Last Thursday it was a similar day after 3 to 4 days of continuous pouring. I walked past the bank where they have aaded fresh mulch to the plants . Now this is one amazing thing here , the way they taking care of the trees and plants here, I am amazed. Then I visited the local #USPS followed by the plaza. On e I was done with my errands ,I checked with R if his lunch was over. Luckily , he had not had his lunch yet.

He came out of his office, we were spoiled for choices here. In this small place we have close to 14 to 15 options or more. We decided to go to #chipotle. R had visited it earlier but I haven’t. Apart from the food, my other intention to pick up this place was the view of the road from the corner positioned outlet.

We chose our food and immediately occupied a seat by the window.

This was the main reason for coming to this place.

What did we choose ? I had a #barbacoa bowl (shredded beef, cilantro brown rice, black beans , salsa, maize, greens and a generous dollop of sour cream on top of a tortilla. R had a #carnitas bowl (curried pork, cilantro brown rice, black beans , salsa, maize, greens and a generous dollop of sour cream sans the tortilla) .

It was a heavy lunch. We finished one bowl entirely . A bit of mine , was still left which I had to bring back. In America, this is such a common practice , the moment I went back to the counter , even without asking the lady handed me over the brown bag. It was so spontaneous and apt.

I came back home looking at the reflection of the clouds on the glass panes of the office buildings in the hood.

Way back 2010 and the following years,R and I used to meet for lunch every Friday and explore. We have not been able to do that in the recent years. This year had been totally different. This was our first lunch date , this side of the world.

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