Brinner and a dejavu moment

If you ask me for a list of food which I miss here (since am in the US) the most , the dish that tops the chart is #idlyvada .This used to be my regular fare before I boarded the bus to office. Yesterday the moment I saw this in the menu I ordered it. It was dinner time, did I ever have ‘idly’ for dinner before … I don’t think so.

I read an interesting article on #brinner (which meant a trend of having all those things which usually associated with #breakfast for #dinner). I went through it and visualized a sunny side up and sausages etc , probably because that’s what we have here. And we usually don’t have them for dinner.
In the night, while posting this pic on #Instagram I suddenly realized , I actually had a ‘brinner’ yesterday. It was such a #dejavu moment, that I immediately wrote down this second post of the day !!

I love idli-vada right from that time when we were school going and I used to wait for him (the hand pulled vendor, who made a queer sound beating the tawa on which he made dosa and it made a sound ‘tong’ ‘tong’ ‘tong’ on Thursdays or Saturdays. Even in school when I gave up carrying my lunch box I used to have idlis during the break. The same routine followed my college days , occasionally the routine was broken for other things. Thankfully, I moved down south of my country for work immediately on completion of college and therefore the #brekkie partnership continued.

If you are reading this post ,in #India ,it must be Breakfast time for you too.

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