As #BBiC completes 2 years – I was not left out from the celebration

I still keep an eye on the new eateries in Bangalore , I keep noting them . One such place which opened after I left, kept me craving for that biriyani .

It’s obvious that this dish is an emotion and not just a dish. Frankly speaking its just not for me , for my parents and brother too. Even the latest entrant to my family , my sister in law loves it too. I am glad.

One of the most ‘read’ post on my blog is biriyani for breakfast. Hence you can well assume my attachment to this dish. I am still grateful to my Friend Vinay (womp) for convincing me to join that epic trip , post which there was no looking back. Any and every #bbic event I joined along with my partner in crime.

Here’s the link :

It is quite obvious that the moment I saw the name #ulavacharu, I fell for it. I ordered for a ulavacharu goat biriyani last Sunday and let me assure you the pic attached does not do justice to what I devoured.

The initial look did not impress me , but when I dug in , I realized , I was wrong . Apart from one place in Jersey City , the biriyani in usual #indian shops have failed to impress me in these two states. But this was definitely worth every morsel. I don’t like to put pics of the dish in between my meal , hence this absolutely not worth pic.

Priced at $14 it is something I will go back to this again and again. Next time I go , the pic will hopefully show you a bit, what I meant.

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