My first taste of Haleem in this side of the world

We were exploring a different side of #newjersey today . The area’s name is oaktreeroad (beautiful, isn’t it). The entire afternoon when we walked around, I felt I was still in India , perhaps on a little break from the city, towards the hillstations like Ooty , coonoor etc. It’s the shops and houses and people above all, which probably made me feel so. The crowd around felt like similar faces from the motherland. You get wide options of snacks, lunch,dinner, groceries, jewelery, clothing.

We even saw a bengalee movie organized by the #tristatebengalicineclub and then had dinner at a food court instead of a restaurant so that we could taste different cuisine. It reminded me of shopping in garudamall or forum and then heading to the foodcourt. We chose 3 different dishes to eat tonight.

My first order was something I really did not expect tonight, but the mention of it makes me skip a heartbeat .Since my #hyderabad days , I can actually eat this round the year. My parents always wondered , what did I find in this dish. The gooey-meaty-aromatic dish is one of my #soulfood . To me, it’s an emotion. Since my #hyderabad days , I used to wait for the café round the corner to set up their haleem post. This is not the café which we understand in this side of the world or otherwise. It was an Iranian cafe (my Hyderabadi pronounced it as ‘kehf’) . In the weekends we used to venture towards old city or the more famous spots. When I shifted to Bangalore , initial few years we used a service by #gati to get us haleem from Hyderabad or even drove to Hyderabad so as to not miss the taste.

I shall not compare the taste part, between the haleem in both the sides of the world. Here it also came with a butter naan , that’s an added vantage.I am happy to get it and much before #ramzan. To quote Shelley ‘can spring be far behind’ , next month is the start of holy month of Ramadan , so now I at least know where to go so that I am not left out.

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