And the clock struck 0300 !

Ever since I joined the millennial work force , I heard often of the term #daylightsaving. What it meant to us then : in the month of November , from a certain Monday the work which probably used to start at 4.30 pm will now start at 5.30 p.m. by IST. In the following years, what it also meant is that the 6 o’clock is pushed by an hour it’s at 7 p.m. now , so I needed to plan whether to attend it in office and possibly miss the 7.30 p.m. shuttle or rush home early and take it etc . It was about timings and a little working around that.

Last year when I landed in the United States , I could say dusk and light till about 6.30 p.m. or till a little later. One Sunday morning we woke up as usual , went for breakfast at the designated place in the hotel , we were put up as for our long stay and realized that the time has changed by an hour. We adjusted our watches accordingly. Our mobiles are smarter so we did not have to fiddle with them .

Gradually I saw the sky getting darker much earlier than the initial days . It became very difficult when 4.16-4.20 p.m EST was dark as if it’s 7 pm.

Then time changed and in March the evenings started approaching later. Finally this Sunday early morning the clock struck 0300 after 0159 instead of 0200 and thus I experienced my first 23 hours day , for the first time !!

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