In the mood for a Mediterranean meal

Last two days I had probably dreamt of falafal and similar other dishes each time my eyelids met each other. I had been thinking of Doner Kebabs too. The weather being amazing today (almost 22°C while Bangalore showed 21°C) we saw most of our neighbors coming out for a walk , skating , etc.

We quickly planned for our first #Broadway musical in #NewYorkcity , #chicagomusical . It was such a delight. It’s an experience ,an extravaganza to witness in a lifetime.

Most of the restaurants around Broadway, Timesquare and Hell’s kitchen were thronged with people. In fact they had wide opened their doors and windows , which were almost kept wrapped during the last 6 months I am here. Moreover, with St.Patricks Day celebration and parade tomorrow , people were out in the streets and pubs.

After witnessing such an amazing show ,we definitely needed to sit and talk. Initial plan was to go for a poke bowl , but looking at the watch , we decided that let the falafal dream be materialized. We chose a small restaurant called #IstanbulKebabHouse. It’s a small 12-14 seater place ,which we had seen earlier ,without much thought we just pushed our way in.

The place was small but quaint in it’s own way. The decor, the aroma of the food ,the TV channel called #Kral broadcasting musical programs and the small “objet d’art” on the walls brought a cozy feeling. There were 2 men cooking in the counter right at the entrance of the restaurant and another lady attended the customers . She took online and phone orders and served too. This is something notable about the restaurants here, they run the entire show with very minimal human resources.

While R went through the menu attentively I ordered for a #turkishtea to start. The tea was served in a traditional #turkish tea cup with matching gilded saucer. Though I wish that my sip of tea was as pleasurable too. I immediately asked the lady waiting on us to stop brewing the tea leaves any further as the tea was turning towards bitter now. She immediately acted on it , in terms of stopping the machine , but did not offer to change my cup of tea. Anyways, I did not bother her any further on this .Instead I shifted my focus on what to order ,as it was almost 10.50 p.m.

We ordered for a plate of stuffed grape leaves Dolma and Istanbul special mixed grill kebabs . This meant we will be getting an assortment of lamb Adana kebab , lamb chops, lamb Doner kebab, chicken shish kebab and chicken dinner kebab with other accompaniments.

I wanted to order falafal but I knew these 2 plates will be difficult to finish , so I discarded that thought. Instead ,we decided to order for a dessert . With this kind of food the meal is not complete without a bite of #baklava.

For split seconds I had intended to do without a sweet ending ,but the bengalee soul can’t end a good meal without the sweet ending. I am really glad that I did not evade the calling of the sweet tooth. The baklava was really rich and moist yet flaky.

The entire dining experience was leisurely and absolutely the way we needed.

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