Olive garden – Valentine’s day 2019 finding

In Hindi we have a saying : “बगल में छोरा और शहर में ढिंढोरा” , which means the person or thing you are looking for is right beside you and you are looking for it / him/ her high and low. That’s exactly how I felt after my wonderful experience in #olivegarden #secaucus

Most of the weekends or days when we choose to eat out we hop in the bus and go to the city (NYC) , we had absolutely not considered this restaurant in the hood.

Given that it was Valentine’s Day , they did not take any online reservation. When called , they asked us to appear in person. At 6.30 p.m. when we arrived there, we realized , their decision was right. Almost one third of Secaucus was present there , either dining, drinking or waiting. This included people of all ages group, couples, families (with or without kids) , group of girls et all.

After registering our names , we were told to wait for about 20-25 mins and handed over a device, which will tell us , when our turn comes. We headed to the bar directly , where the wine is charged 50% less, while you are waiting for your table. I ordered for a red wine , while R chose a white. Others

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