My initiation to Ethiopian cuisine – Meskerem

Last Sunday when asked what would I like to have for lunch – my instant reply was something I never had before , for example – #Ethiopian

As I know , till I am here I must try everything which I can’t get back in Ooru and we all know in Bangalore we don’t have any place serving Ethiopian Cuisine.

We started with Sambosa, there were 2 options (lentils or beef) – what we chose is so easy to guess.

Then we chose the #meskerem combo – which comprised of Tibs wat, minchet abish wat, Gomen Besaega in Non Veg and Miser Alech & Miser Wat in Veg .

What I understand by now – to visit Ethiopian restaurants it’s best to go in a group and savour all the dishes and enjoy community eating. The main course is placed in the centre of the table and diners pass a platter or #injera , spongy rounds of bread made of fermented teff,a rye like Ethiopian grain.

It absolutely reminded me of something called Khali dosa which I used to have in my office or ‘gola roti’ back in Kolkata. Its akin to a ‘chila’ , only the ingredients are different.

The different dishes were very flavourful , definitely spicy , slightly picklish (the meat dishes) . We had lentils, greens , meat everything with the injera (Ethiopian flat bread). Similar to us, this kind of food, needs to be relished with bare hands.

They have vegetarian and non vegetarian options separately , so this is indeed a great option for Indians travelling in NYC.

The restaurant was a cozy corner with decor and exhibits from Ethiopia.They played soft music possibly from their native.

As per Wikipedia : Meskerem was a communist theoretical publication published in Ethiopia, issued by the Ideological Department of the Central Committee of the Commission for Organizing the Party of the Working People of Ethiopia. … Meskerem functioned mainly as an instrument for political education.

To me #Meskerem was the stepping stone to a new cuisine. However, I would like to try some other Ethiopian restaurants too.

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