Living the scenes from #kalhonaho – around Dumbo & Brooklyn Bridge

I am unabashed to say I am a Hindi movie fan . I love movies of Akshay Kumar , Shah Rukh Khan , old movies by Salman Khan etc . There are a few movies which I have probably seen so many times that I know the dialogues by heart. One of these closest to my heart is Dharma Productions – Kal Ho Na Ho. The entire movie was shot around New York and now that I am walking around the same city one of the must visit places for me was the Brooklyn Bridge.

We took the A subway from Port Authority and got down at the high street station. Initially we storlled around the Dumbo area and saw the Manhattan Bridge . This is another suspension bridge on the East River. Incidentally , I travelled on this by subway last week , and you can literally see the three Bridges parallel to each other. On the Manhattan Bridge you can see the subway track , people walking as well other cars and trucks plying too.

On the Brooklyn Bridge apart from walking you can even pedal away in glee . It’s very easy to take your e-bikes ,  very popular in the city. In fact , here food delivery boys mostly use these to do their deliveries.

You can walk or cycle through the myriad of enthusiasts , Instagrammers , wanna-be-models , fellow bikers and tourists.

The walk from Dumbo towards Manhattan a little before sunset is amazing , where the picturesque towers reflect the different hues of the sky , in their own way.

You will spot little locks on the bridge , as the popular belief goes, though there are posters saying there is a fine if you are caught in the act.

On a suitable day this walk definitely is one of the best ways to see the Manhattan skyline in a different way. It can actually be a nice Romantic walk too.

Word of caution :

  • Your cellphone might suddenly get discharged , due to the cold
  • When you hear someone hooting or whistling from behind , it could be a biker , please give way.
  • Avoid taking out things from the bag or pocket , because something  might just fall from the bag or pocket and slip through the gaps between the wooden panel and you will not be in a position to help yourself.

There are NYPD personnel positioned there ,reach out to them in case there is any such situation.

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  1. Monika says:

    Thanx for taking me to NewYork for few minutes. I enjoyed it.


    1. Thank you for acknowledging ….


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