Pre Saraswati Pujo Celebration 2019 – after all it’s almost like Bengalis’ Valentine’s Day !!

The friday afternoon it was supposed to rain ,it went against the forecast and presented a bright and sunny one.It was probably indicating the bonhomie, in the air , back in Kolkata. In the evening my sister in law called up to give me a glimpse of Saraswati pujo in our home , through her mobile , then I realized what made the sky look so cheerful.

By the way, I would like to add Saraswati Pujo carries another charm apart from being the Goddess of knowledge, it’s almost like the bengalis ‘Valentine’s Day’. So a little treat , a bit of pampering , is expected.

To give me the ‘feel good’ factor and also get some sweets , Rajarshee proposed to drive down to Indian street. Now , this is an offer I never decline.
After our errands , we entered #GolcondaChimney , reminiscing our Bangalore days . We used to be regular at #golcondachimney . Even our parents know the name.

We ordered for Chef’s special biriyani & gajar ka halwa. While we were waiting , we were served nice pappadam, very light and not at all oily or heavy. The biriyani took some time to reach our table , but taste and quantity wise , this was the best so far! It was topped with an egg , a couple of fries chicken and a slice of onion. The slice of lemon novel. We ate as much as we could and rest go the American way, bring it back. Even the raita was different , it had hint of garlic.


Another surprise awaited us , the lady who was the attending us , came up to me at the end at asked if I was from Calcutta , now the moment someone says Calcutta , I know the connection, she went on to explain that she is not a bengalis , but born and brought up in Calcutta and studied in Bhowanipore Education Society. I smiled and just told her that first Calcutta is home to many more communities and not just Bengalis’ , I also added ‘So you are from Bhaggu’ and she beamed cheek to cheek , that’s the charm of my city of birth !!

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