A snowy evening , an Aussi steakhouse experience to make it memorable (weekly dinner date #2)

When we moved to Secaucus (US) five months back we remember making a resolution of trying all the restaurants in the hood . We tried a few initially and then continuously kept going to New York and hence somewhere lost a track of that resolution.

Last week we went to the olive garden and had a wonderful experience and that kindled the old resolution . Hence this week Rajarshee told me to choose one F&B house and I chose #outback. This is an Australian steak house and we savoured every morsel of our dinner.

It had snowed the entire day , so Rajarshee picked me up from our apartment , else I would have loved to walk down . We saw a group of people cleaning the roads when we entered the restaurant. For some more time , the same scene lurked in my head so I asked Rajarshee to choose. But soon I gained my consciousness of being lucky enough to not have to do the snow shoveling job , having the comfort of a heated room and I gathered my thoughts. While I was thinking of all these, Milton, who was attending us placed a warm loaf of brown bread and sour cream on the table after greeting us and without even realizing I popped in a piece, then I told myself ,”let’s get back to the table”.

When I chose this place , I had downloaded a copy of their menu and went through the same , so I knew a few things which I wanted to order like their Gold coast coconut shrimp (we chose the smaller plate) . What attracted me to this was the description which said “hand-dipped in batter, rolled in coconut”. In Indian cuisine it would be so natural to dip whatever you want to fry, in the batter and drop in the wok or kadai, but here it’s specially mentioned.

This plate of crispy golden fried prawns along with the creole marmalade just enlivened me up and these are the following dishes we ordered – baby back ribs, which came with quite a few choice of sides, I chose a soup (clam chowder) and these were both amazing.

Just to add a little carb to our meal – or perhaps the picture in the menu card prompted us to order this steakhouse quesadilla. Probably back home we never had such a quesadilla so we wanted to try. Needless to say this was lot more than what we could consume for dinner so we packed a few pieces for home, which is absolutely fine in the American way, absolutely no inhibitions.

The overall place , hospitality , food just left us saying we will come back soon . I have to also check their reward points related options .

I must also mention Milton who attended us , pampered us to the core. Sometimes he got back with an extra loaf of the brown bread I liked, he absolutely understood our requirement for the kind of water (we have still not got used to the ice cold – ice plus water people prefer here) , he often came and checked if we enjoyed our meal or if we needed anything. While packing the quesadilla for home, he checked if I wanted the sour cream or the marmalade. He even packed me an extra bun for the home and gave me instructions how to have it at home. Compared to some other personnel in f&b houses we visited recently , this was amazing hospitality.

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