21st Jan 2019 – a new name for this day #mlk

It’s a holiday in the USA today. It’s Martin Luther King day in short MLK day (#mlkday ) . The initial plan for lunch was different . Then there were sudden additions , which prompted further change . So when Rajarshee proposed #biriyani all I could do is smile :-).
If you ask my parents, my brother that, “I want to treat you outside , what would you like to have?” , the response even before a blink will be “biriyani” and now Rajarshee pops the same word to celebrate the “holiday” . I quizzed him a couple of times – are you sure you want to have to so much of carb? , are you sure you want to have rice ? His responses convinced me . We got ready and booked our cab – destination : Indianstreet . There’s always a first , let this be the first #biriyaniday in 2019.

Once we reached the destination , we were pretty surprised to see so less people and very few shops open in the otherwise buzzing place . There are Indian food and grocery stores on the either side adjacent to each other. True to our fondness for Bawarchi in Hyderabad , without much thought , we entered the Bawarchi here at the bend of the road. A young lady and a gentleman greeted us.

We chose the right table first , as it was very important on this extremely chill’d afternoon to choose the right one. Else we will be left with extremely cold memories of this place, as each time the door opened. It would constantly remind us of the cold weather outside which we escaped for sometime.

We ordered a Hyderabadi goat biriyani and natu kodi chicken as entree , however it came with a choice of rice / butter naan / garlic naan. We asked for garlic naan. The biriyani is the assembled one , hence I am not even commenting on the taste. All I can say on a freezing afternoon like this , at -12° C , this kind of warm , cooked , spicy food is soulful. We couldn’t finish the meal and asked for boxes to get the rest home. In America , this is the way, do it yourself.

I believe this is a franchise all over the USA and doesn’t have anything to do with the one at RTC X roads in Hyderabad, my second home. Overall , ok place to visit. The people running the place is very friendly .

They even have such upcoming offers in view of #valentine’s day !!

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