I count my blessings – a simple dinner loaded with affection !

When it comes to be invited to homes , asked to have home food , I am really very very lucky. Be it in my country or outside , I have been very fortunate to have been called to various homes and shared their food . In this context , I must mention about this lady “Swathy aunty” (I got to her name, this evening only, all this while we referred to her as Sampada’s mom ; today while exchanging numbers she harped on her name and that’s when I realized all this while , we never asked her name, felt a bit guilty too) …

Whenever she met me she asked me to come home . All those occasions when I visited her , in her daughter’s home, she ensured I have food and leave. Today was no exception. This is a quality I really appreciate about her. Whenever I visited their apartment. She was around the kitchen. Initially she was supposed to leave later , but last minute there were some changes in view of the impending snow storm and therefore she is to leave earlier than scheduled. I got to know almost at the n’th moment that she is leaving , in the wee hours tomorrow morning , I decided I should just say a “hello” before she leaves and I am really glad that I did so.

She has already invited me to her Pune residence now. Apparently she stays alone there , but her days are full of activities , she is actively involved in theatre, singing, conducting ‘conversation’ , etc. As we spoke , we realized together there were lot of places , she wanted to visit to carry back those experiences and pics, along with me , as she needed someone to help her around with translation. It’s a bit of opportunity lost , but we both hope to mend it in the following meets .

It feels nice to see the affection with which she very easily starts putting food for me on the plate or the energy she carries. Hope someday, I am able to shower the same on her or others.

#avrilsfoodjournee #blessed #lifelessons #dwitwiyaardho #usadiaries #lifeinamerica

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