Slayed ‘The beast’ to claim my ‘winter in paradise’

Looking out of Abhik dada’s apartment window , opposite to battery park I wimpered, “it’s a day to go out and not a lunch through phone” , else the boys were in favour of ordering food online . In the next 45 mins 3 of us got ready and came out realizing that we would have really wasted such a beautiful sunny afternoon, if we still confined ourselves to the comfort of his apartment. We walked around the #seaport and after deliberating over two more places we chose “cobble and co” because of the ambience ; bright sun light permeated inside and it was extremely lively !

I ordered #thebeast ( juliened tomato , onion , braised short rib , triple beef patty, a crispy bacon slice, a layer of guacamole, American cheese, crisp lettuce , pickle ,special sauce, buffalo fried chicken in between two soft buns) … in the menu this burger was highlighted in a different color and read “post a pic #cobbleandCo, finish it and we will buy your drink”, after seeing this I could not think of anything else.

Avril proudly claimed her drink once she finished the beast !!

Personally speaking I loved going through this layer by layer – starting with the tomato, the soft bun ,a crispy bacon followed by the layer of guac , braised short ribs then the three Patty smeared in cheese . But then I reached a layer of chicken with hot sauce and this is where I would say there was a break in my enthusiasm , looking at the color of the ensuing layer .. I retained one Patty and tasted the chicken , immediately I changed my strategy , just like in childhood where you kept the best for the last , I finished the layer of chicken and the bun , which was tasting similar because of the hot sauce and then got back to the patty which I had saved and this helped me gain me back the taste .. later I finished the oasis of french fries which remained on the dish !!

It must have taken me over an hour , but it was fun. Our waitress kept a hawk eye on my plate to see if I am sharing or not ,if I finished or not. She kept encouraging me in one way ,on the other hand kept a tab on me too ..

She looked at the empty tray and after a quick applause, went to fetch her manager. The manager (Nick) came , checked , congratulated me and offered me the drinks menu once more .. to choose any drink on the house… I repeated the same cocktail which I was sipping till now – #winterinparadise !

Usually it is Rajarshee who loves this kind of burger challenge , but today it was my day. Abhik dada and he opted for Bar Steak & Eggs …

Our total bill was about $120 , sans the drink as my reward.

And here’s a pic of my reward “winter in paradise”


Restaurant details :

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