Sunday Brunch at High Ultra Lounge

20180805_133028.jpgThe first time I reached the top of the Eiffel tower, I saw the horizon from there and I reminded myself, you are on top of the world. In fact, for those who know about the “58 Tour Eiffel”, you must agree that a dining experience in a place like this is a dream for many. If I were to plan for a memorable evening in Paris, this will be my dream come true. For those who don’t know, the restaurant “58 Tour Eiffel” is located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower and its name comes from its height 58 meters above the floor. Moored above Paris, the large bay windows let you look over the Seine and the Trocadéro and makes you discover one of the most amorous way you can see Paris. It charms you with its panoramic view.

20180805_132313.jpg20180805_125714.jpgIn Bangalore, we can experience a similar “on top of the city” feeling too. Want to know where? you must reach “High” (high Ultra lounge)! I was there, on a Sunday, for their Sunday Hawker’s brunch. Trust me, as the elevator took me to the 31st Floor, and then the flight of stairs, I remembered my first evening in Eiffel. Even before I chose my seat, all I wanted to do is see the city in a never before way. The metro railways coiled around in a serpentine manner, the metro coaches moved like toy – very similar to the ones we have played with our childhood. I must have gazed out for good 25-30 mins before I could concentrate on the food. Even the brunch spread is very different from the usual Indian affair. They had assimilated the flavours of south-east Asian cuisine. They have an open deck and covered seating too.


I started with paper-rolls, one of the most memorable dishes that day, unbelievably good. Then I hogged on the tempura prawns, sushis (tuna, crabmeat, salmon, asparagus) & lotus stem. Then I saw the making of the okonomiyaki pancakes & also reached the aromatic chicken counter. I also remember the Khao Suey as part of the mains.20180805_132628.jpg20180805_133356.jpg20180805_141514.jpg20180805_132723.jpg20180805_132238.jpg20180805_133018.jpg20180805_134511.jpg20180805_140116.jpg20180805_135603.jpg20180805_143600.jpg20180805_134712.jpg20180805_145512.jpg20180805_150601.jpg

After gorging on all these, I moved to the dessert counter. I still remember being elated at the shape of the tiramisu.

The drinks too were unique in presentation and quite potent to my taste.


If I were to take someone for a memorable Sunday brunch, this is definitely one of the places to come to my mind.

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