Lobster Night at Shangri-La

20180502_203940.jpgWe have often seen posts of our foodie friends about the Shangri-La lobster night. Usually it’s always on the first Wednesday of every month. Despite planning a few times this was just not happening and ended up postponing. This time however by the end of April, we reminded ourselves and on the D day (02 May) evening, we finally made it to this big fat feast – “Lobster night”

The lobster night is hosted at the B-Café. Its indeed a surrealistic experience. The entire spread takes a couple of rounds to understand where to start first.

20180502_230228.jpgAt the entrance we found an enticing macaron tree. Right after that was the Lebanese / middle east platter full of mezze, lavash, humus etc.

20180502_212415.jpgAs we walked further – exotic fruits welcomed us. We could spot the mango too & immediately I made up my mind to come back.

There was huge seafood salad spread which included prawns,squids,clams,oysters and of course lobsters.

As we reached the live counter – it was a visual treat. The chefs at work, the lobsters being cooked, the aroma – everything added to the charm.


We chose a place, a little further down, so that we could eat and converse. I had the lobsters in various forms and moved directly to the desserts.They have a great dessert spread, which itself is an affair. In dessert’s I savoured most of them, they were too tempting to resist. Loved the baked Yogurt in particular. I wrapped up my dinner with some fresh cut fruits.


Another observation, they had a special corner for the kids, to keep them engaged while the adults could eat and enjoy their food.


Overall an amazing experience and I would recommend everyone to once try this out.

The buffet is priced at ₹ 1990 (plus taxes) per person. If you are a golden circle member you get a 20% discount.

b Café - Shangri-La Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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