Street Mama – The new vibe

20180530_210621.jpgThere are few places where, the moment you enter you smile – Street Mama is such a place. I was not in town when this place opened its doors to all, however, the day I landed here, I felt I did not miss anything.

20180530_210629.jpgThis place gives a street café feel the moment you enter. As you walk inside, you will realize it has more than this view and there is a different vibe altogether.

There are different seating arrangements, an Amphitheatre like place, a regular restaurant and even a fine dining one.

20180530_232205.jpgThe bar is right in the middle catering to all the liquid requirements. There is another interesting way to quench your thirst– it’s a cart which keeps doing rounds, wherever you are sitting the cart comes to you and you can place your order. I ordered for a jalapeno mojito, which was served in a small cup and I absolutely loved it.


The drinks start as low as INR 100, which, in today’s terms is pretty pocket friendly. I have seen burnt wine priced at that range, however I did not get a chance to try my hands on them. Hopefully next time I am there, I will check those first.The cocktails here are referred to as ‘Street Chemistry’ and they are mind-blowing. We tried the following.

Street Hound‘  is gin and white rum along with grape juice and infused with rosemary smoke.My personal favourite.
Fire on the Root‘ is vodka with hint of cucumber flavours topped with fiery naga chilly.
StreetHawk Tea Trail‘ is  chamomile tea and bourbon whiskey with some honey.A wonderful drink and i loved the way it was served.
Eclipse‘  is a concoction of berries , beer and tequila.A very potent drink
Lost‘ is tequila and white rum and cucumber agave flavors.Very refreshing.
Pah Ya Mama‘  is a jamaican all time favourite,  dark rum and pineapple

Overall amazing cocktails and a special mention for Akash aka Masti who is the brain behind these cocktails.

Coming to the food , it is prepared and served right in front of our eyes, just like the road side food joints would do – except the fact that they are served in very thoughtfully chosen china.

IMG-20180607-WA0037.jpgI really loved the plates, obviously apart from the food.

Mini Tofu Poppers‘ 
Lakdi Sheek‘  Juicy Minced Mutton Skewered on sugar cane sticks.My personal favourite.
Satay Ayam Mama‘  Mango flavoured chicken satay with a poached egg
Idli Slider‘ Fried Idli buns with paneer filling and accompanied with chutney.
Anglo Curry Chops‘  Juicy and succulent Mutton chops deep fried in a crispy batter accompanied with mutton gravy.
Crazy Aussie Mousse

As you know, this year Monsoon has already reached Bangalore. Even that evening it was drizzling. I chose the Amphitheater sort of sitting arrangement where I could see the junction right outside Garuda Mall.

20180530_224623.jpgThe Bangalore showers, nice drink, good side dishes as accomplice, really left me, very relaxed. I stretched my fatigued legs and watched the road for a long time. It was soothing after sometime. If I think of the situation now – I shall quote WW – “I gazed and gazed and little thought”

In terms of my overall experience with food and drinks, if you ask me – will I recommend this place to someone, without batting my eyelids I shall say “yes”. As part of the upcoming football world-cup they are also  planning a special Russian menu.So please visit and explore this “happy place” that’s what I would like to call this new hangout joint, right on top of Garuda Mall.

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