Saint Patrick’s Day @ Irish House


In Europe , apart from France and England , the next country I am interested in visiting, is Ireland. This is primarily due to my interest in literature & plays. Great names like John Millington Synge, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, W.B.Yeats , Samuel Beckett and the list goes on.Couple of my favorite books like Angela’s Ashes , P.S.I love you … Made me add it in my bucket list – to visit Ireland at least once.

In Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March. It’s a feast to celebrate the traditional death of Saint Patrick , the foremost patron saint of Ireland. What began as a religious feast in the 17th century has evolved into a festival across the globe celebrating Irish Culture.

To celebrate the same #theirishhouse Bangalore has put a special menu & offering a green beer.


I had the below 3 dishes from the menu.

  • Boxty – pan fried potato pancakes with cherry tomato ragout and pickled cabbage slaw ( of course with crispy bacon).
  • Shepherd’s pie – classic meat pie with minced lamb , baked to perfection and served in an interesting manner along with Irish Soda bread.
  • Irish Sundae – brownies layered with Irish Cream , marshmallows, caramelized nuts, topped with ice cream – served with warm espresso and more marshmallows.I am not a huge dessert person , but loved this Irish Sundae , primarily because of the Marshmallows, moreover it’s not cloying.

I would have loved to try the Irish Stew too but my tummy was full.This special menu is on from 10th to 18th March only  so i’ll try to visit once more.

29244504_1109095552565674_39150198861070336_nTo make the drinks look interesting – the beer is green in color . They also have impromptu prizes in different locations.

So till this lasts , eat drink and be merry !

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