Inauguration of L’inoui store at Leela Palace Bangalore

IMG_20180124_191136_BokehA couple of weeks back I was invited to the inauguration of the L’inoui store in Leela Palace Bangalore and that is where I got the opportunity to meet the young Chocolatrice Anusha A Chowdaiah.

IMG_20180124_175712_BokehIt was very inspiring to hear the young Entrepreneur speak about her personal journey and transformation. A trip to Europe on completion of studies, made her ponder over a cup of hot chocolate. There after she took the pains to understand the nitty-gritties of all that goes to make a good chocolate. She also took up the challenge to educate and make Bangalorean’s understand the true essence of chocolate, all that goes behind the scene; what to expect from a good quality chocolate; how to differentiate. She shared the secrets which make “L’inoui” keep up the standards. She is young entrepreneur who just does not run a business but knows her subject. She holds a thesis on “Chocolate Industry” from Purdue University. The passion as well as depth about her subject is so evident when she explains about L’inoui, chocolate, the technicalities, chemistry behind this sinful bite etc.

As she explained her subject and made us try her different creations – I looked at her with awe how she has taken a simple subject to the exquisite, rare, standard. “l’inoui” the name is so apt!

Here are some of the tempting creations that we tried – Chocolate mud pie, handcrafted truffles, almond dragees, chocolate & coffee Ganache squares from the Brugge Collection.

I wish the young Entrepreneur – Chocolatrice all the best in her creativity and venture. Bon Chance Chocolatrice !


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  1. Diptajit Das says:

    Brilliant 😍😍😍😍


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