Barebones – The balcony bar with a view

Before starting this article – I want to start by saying , if you are used to a certain eatery and then another new place comes up beside it , it’s our natural tendency to go for the “tried & tasted” but once break the rule & do try the new one. You never know, may be this can be your next favourite hangout place. I realized this, the afternoon I visited Barebones.

This was part of a tasting event, I had not been able to make it for sometimes. I have seen this place so many times, but as it right beside one of my favourites – automatically my happy feet traces me back to the known place. As I said, will break the rule henceforth.

This is an amazing place, to spend time with friends, family or partner – over drinks and food for a long time. They have indoor and outdoor sitting, but I preferred sitting outdoor, where you can see the medley of people and cars passing through Indiranagar 100 ft. While you can see them clearly – they might or not be able to see you. They also have a sitting arrangement upstairs, which is open from 6 p.m. onwards (it’s in my list of multiple visits). The spiral flight of stairs brings you to a sitting place which is absolutely shaded by trees from outside, but you can sit on the high stools, sip your drink & watch the road.


The owner (Sajan) hails from Coorg and is very nice to talk to. His hospitality and humble attitude will charm you. The place offers free Wi-Fi. The crew is also very friendly and art conscious. They take care of the plating to such details, I was awestruck.




We tried a number of mocktails & cocktails – which were served with perfection. The simple shots were also embellished for greater appeal. I loved my “Twisted Bloody Mary”. It was perfect! I also loved a mocktail taken by a friend – “apple rosemary tea”. The other beverages we tasted were martini base, cosmopolitan, tequila sunrise & some shooters. Each drink was served with perfection & they are quite potent too.


In food – we tried Keema pao, Prawn Omlette (which finished in minutes), chicken nachos, chili garlic butter prawn. I ordered for a Peri Peri Basa, and thoroughly enjoyed it till the last morsel.


I saw the mango cheese cake in the display and reserved it at the very first sight. When it actually came to me, the plating was awesome and we all kept drooling over it for quite some time – before our spoons dug into it.

On the whole, this is a restaurant – where I would like to go back, again and again!

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18 Comments Add yours

  1. Sudhir says:

    Mouth Watering…not to mention the drinks…Truly Amazing!!!! It must be quite an experience!!!


    1. Indeed, so now – whether w r jubilant or SD … We head here !


  2. Gopa Kar says:

    Happy to know that you enjoyed the place. Your vivid discription makes me feel that I was there too.


    1. We will visit here …in your next trip


  3. Prema Maity says:

    The pics look so tempting and appetizing !!! I am sure trying out this place wont be a bad idea at all !!!:)


    1. It’s amazing to sit out in the open, sip your drinks & catch up with friends or your own thoughts !


  4. Karni says:

    Another tempting review… I have already tried one place based on your review.. . This could be next. 🙂


  5. Thushara Nair says:

    Wow..well written !! This blog will make anyone visit that restaurant to try those scrumptious items. Keep writing !!


  6. Arnab says:

    First seeing the mocktails I m super tempted to go there. And then chicken nachos and prawn omelette, though I m not fond of omelette, yet I want to try this prawn omelette. Thanks for sharing ur experience


    1. Quite unique I must say , also try the bass !


  7. Devlina says:

    Wow..awesome blog…would now think of breaking my monotonous food routine and try new.. prawn omlette is a great option to start off with…


    1. Thank you Devlina .. this was unique indeed. Even before you realize … It’s finished 🙂


  8. Diptajit Das says:

    Great to see such innovative hangouts are coming up..


    1. Haan ,Bangalore a prayee notun notun kichu khulchey


  9. Anupam biswas says:

    Great experience lovely dishes awesome entertainment


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