New Experience in Muji, Bangalore – Table setting workshop by Ami Kothari

Last evening Muji, Bangalore , in VR Mall – brought forth a totally new experience. Seldom we see a beautiful table set-up laid before us in fine dining restaurants & we wish the same could be recreated at home. This not only adds to the charm of the place but also uplifts our mood instantly. Muji, Bangalore – brought Table Stylist Ami Kothari of Mumbai from ‘Dining Couture‘ to show us simple yet charming way of Table Styling for different purposes , with simple decorations available at home.

A penchant for a little bit of craft & creativity in life – with the basic multi-utility cutleries, crockeries  – is the guiding theme behind her art. In this session she showcased 4 different table setting for fine dining , high tea, treating guests at home & for our own dining experience. Each setting was unique & combined all of these : wooden dining plates, salad plates, mini plates, glassware, tea light holders, cut plants, paper flowers, natural flowers , runners, paper candle holders, serviettes to embellish the table. In one of the setting – she used “eucalyptus” whose aroma filled the entire space. This was so refreshing. In another we saw her using liquid chalk to calligraphy on leaves & use it as table name plates. Am sure, if I am to visit someone’s house – where my name is pre-etched & presented in this manner , I shall be very delighted.


While chatting with Ami, post the session – we understood that she spent her initial days between special children , coaching-nurturing them. However, the other creative side in her prompted her to arrange a table styling session for friends , followed up by another , for those who could not attend and this journey is still on. Over the past 2 years she has organized and attended 60+ table styling sessions across the country & in the US.  You can follow her Facebook page – “Ami Kothari Dining Couture” to know more about her sessions. In fact she is also conducting another workshop in Bangalore on 17 June 2017. Apart from being creative & one of the best in her field – she is amazing at analogies too.

Not only restaurateurs , home chefs, but we all can use her styling techniques. A large part of urban men-woman with the knack of adding style-statement to everything they do – this is another mode to show the world their “creative” side. To be honest if kids grow up seeing the importance around the table styling in the household , even they will inculcate this in the days to come. It will actually bring back the healthy habit of “family time” around the table, conversation over food – rather than discreetly finish your meals with eyes glued on gadgets.

Ami’s styling techniques involve simple accessories – yet accentuates the overall presentation. One of her tips , which I am going to try at home (baridhara) soon – use a plantain leaf as a “table mat”. So on the whole it was an awesome experience & I have already started following her on Instagram (diningcouture) & FB (Ami Kothari Dining Couture).

As you can see in the pictures , most of the things used are simple things – which can be easily found at home. What we need is the “wish” to make each “dining” experience memorable & unique. Most of the cutlery, crockery & accessory – seen in the pictures used are available at the Muji Store in VR Bangalore. So this weekend , if you are around this area – feel free to drop in and check their wares.

Thank you Muji for this experience . A little about Muji : This Japanese label launched in Bangalore around Feb 2017. They are known for the minimalist yet aesthetic, simple home and lifestyle objects, stationery and apparel, but with clever and functional design. I love their stationaries & stackable storage solutions. I often buy a writing pad and use their in-house “stamps” to decorate it. I also love checking their cookware & other kitchen accessories. I have a wish list in the hindside of my brain – especially the ceramic rice cooker, wooden salad bowl & another heavy bottom pot. Post the event – a young lady Eenashri Kundu , who is the marketing champ for Muji Bangalore – took us around the store and explained the different products in depth. I have been to this store , so many times before – but it was different & I think I understand the Muji way better now. Thank you Rushika & Deepayan for the invite.

At last , VR Bangalore – you will always remain special for all the experiences you have taken me through in the last one year !!

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  1. Thushara Nair says:

    Fantabulous blog.. Keep writing !!


  2. Rina Ghosh says:

    Very nice


  3. Ghulam shams tabrez says:

    Excellent …….


  4. Gopa Kar says:

    How I wish I could make a trip to Muji too.


  5. Prema Maity says:

    Interesting read !! Good food becomes special when the table is set creatively….lovely article for food connoisseurs !


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