Moby Dick – in Bangalore, in a new avatar

As a teenager I read the book where Ishmael talks about ‘Moby Dick’ a huge white whale & the constant chase by Ahab … Here in this post Avril talks about another ‘Moby Dick’ completely different from the first.


It’s a bright new café which opened up their doors and welcomed us to have limited blogger friends informal meet, in Koramangala. The meet was arranged by Sakhi from sakhiravoordiaries Fame. This was my first visit to this place & the first invite from her too.
The place was very huge , no frills or hanky-panky. The crew was eagerly waiting for us to finish our usual rituals (patiently) , eat , ask for refill etc.
We started with :
Brocolli cheese kebab
Spinach garlic cheese samosa (this is real good stuff )
Andhra style chilly chicken
We also had couple of plates of cheese ball (we ordered one after the other , so you can well estimate ,we really like it)
Then moved on to mains:
– Nasi goreng chicken
– char kuey teow
– Mongolian noodles
– chicken steak with red wine sauce
– pasta (warm , perfect proportion of cheese
– Philly cheese steak burger (I started with this) ,followed by spinach mushroom stuffed chicken
(The marination, garnishing , everything was perfect)
– Thai curry (having tried the above 2 dishes & more than satisfied,
 I was very very tempted to have the thai curry & as I had other friends to share this with…  We went on. Gluttons !
It was drizzling initially & then it started raining heavily thus adding to the charm of these hot , good food being served on the table as we continued our “adda”.
On the whole there was a festive or celebration mood and hence the note of merriment continued with:
Orange lemonade
Iced tiramisu (I had never had a tiramisu drink before , so I mused over )
Mango surprise
Kiwi lemonade
Peanut butter brownie shake (this reminded me of the ‘Onida’ TV ad mascot during our school days. The Oreo biscuit is used in that way )
I made a new friend too & it just clicked instantaneously . Both of us had identical choice of food & we were delighted , as it meant together we could try more dishes.
Our chit-chat continued past the usual hours of operation and as it was a raining evening – many diners turned up late & the proprietor gladly obliged.
He was a young man & I had a considerable long discussion on the place, how they came up with the name etc. It’s indeed very interesting to know that another well known patisserie chain “Calvin” belongs to the same family. Coming with the “Calvin” background – they have lot of options in the dessert or patisserie section (some fusion too).
We were so full – that we could hardly try the desserts except baked rasgulla. Now the
‘bong’ in me would have chocked if I did not treat myself to the sweet pleasure. In fact I was overjoyed to see this , as I least expected it in a café.
What I liked about this place it has a soft warm touch :the big french windows, the comfortable and no show off in the setup , free wi-fi . This is a place where I would love to come back , with my laptop, kindle or book – occupy a corner seat & finish my write-ups or reading . For people who work in start-ups or co-work kind of set-up , this could be a good place to try working from , for a change , for a few days.
So here’s ‘Moby Dick’ in a new avatar for you to meet … right here in Bangalore, Koramangala to be precise !
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  1. Lovely place and well described.!!


  2. Just like in the novel where moby dick needed captain ahab to get penned about in the hall of fame and vice versa;
    Avril over here has taken over the captains legacy and carefully disected and devoured moby dicks food….coupled with rich photography and mouth watering description which will make any reader stop by moby dick.
    Hats off avril !! I hope moby dick realises your effort !
    I will surely visit this place someday !


    1. Thank you so much …


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