Little Chefs in Action at Godrej Nature’s Basket

In Bangalore the 2 month long summer vacation is almost coming to an end. The kids who went outstation are coming back – those who stayed back are now hopping around stores along with parents collecting their uniforms and books n stationary from school. Godrej Nature’s Basket arranged for a different workshop for these little souls – especially for the wanna-be chefs, called “Little Chefs”, along with Chef Monika Manchanda at the Godrej Nature’s Basket premises, Sarjapura.

3 simple recipes: Summer Macaroni Salad , Paneer/Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa & Mango Falooda Sundae. Perfect recipes for the season.

There were a group of 10 kids of all ages (starting from 4 years, gosh!!!) The ingredients were nicely chopped and presented in a tray for each participant. They looked pretty in their skull gaps & apron all charged to take over the kitchen. As Chef explained and gave demo, they observed quietly & then each used their own mixing bowl, spoons & recreated their own Salad, Taco & Sundae. The option was to have it there or take it away. They were provided with all possible support in that 1.5 hour session.


At the end of the session – each kid got a framed picture in front of a cut out – posing as a little chef & which they bore like a chalice. Some of they even refused to take off the apron & trotted off sporting the same, which shows – they are already ready to take over the kitchen at home , Mommies take a chill pill!!


The kids were so enthusiastic about cooking and knew so much about their favourite food or restaurant, the ingredients used – I really wondered if we were 1/10th that conscious of the same things in that age.

Needless to say, we did not have such platforms too. Thanks Godrej Nature’s Basket for the thought, effort behind this and being the enablers.



The entire time a crew of 7-8 or more people from Godrej Nature’s Basket were ever ready to help the kids or the parents/ guardians & curious onlookers like me. They even served green tea, coffee and juice from time to time. Post session not only the kids, even we were ready to make Mexican at home and looked for salsa, tacos etc. The crew absolutely knew where exactly which product was. To me, this is very important – as it shows that the crew is not just working there for a livings’ sake but associates with the place.

Isabella one of the little chefs happily posing with her Taco

Little About the Chef (Monika Manchanda) – from the post session interaction – at a personal front she is a mother of a 9 year old kid who is equally interested in cooking (right from the age of 3) . In terms of her passion – she is a well-known chef, her baking skills & sin-a-mon is well known. She is associated with such Godrej Nature’s Basket initiatives for long time & conducts even summer camps for kids to learn cooking from scratch.

On the whole – it was a 1.5 hour session for me not only to learn what Monika taught , but saw the stark change in kids , the way summer vacations of our time was & it is now.

Came back home with all ingredients needed – Mexican for dinner tonight!!

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