Sanctum Celebrates 4th Anniversary with the launch of a New Menu

DSC_0956My usual Tuesdays are sometimes ‘fatiguant’ after a series of calls, decks, reviews etc. Yesterday even after all these, a ride to and fro office & then HAL to Residency road – did not seem to me tire me at all. The thought of meeting my fellow blogger friends, some new faces & Arijit Choudhury kept me charged. It was through him, I got an invite for the new menu launch at Sanctum Club, in Chancery pavilion as it celebrated its 4th year!

The moment we stepped in the mood was set, it was quiet and though there was a fiery atmosphere around the well-stocked bar – in reality the place stood up to its name : a private place or room where someone is never interrupted.

The neatly laid table had a scroll – with the offerings from the new menu. As we waited for fellow bloggers to wade through the city traffic ,we sipped on the sweet poisons like – Spiced up (in coherence with the mango season ; a traditional drink with vodka – hint of jalapeno brine n mango juice) ; Sanctum delight (the fine color will awe you, this is the signature cocktail which won the DIGO world-class competition) ; Pinacolada (classic & absolute summer drink) ; White cosmo. Some of our friends even tried the mocktails like Delighted lips (the color will enamour you & entice you to kiss the glass brim) ; Oriental Spice (Guava juice spiced with Chilli powder).

In the meanwhile we also had short eats like Mozzarella Bruschetta , Boiled Dhokla with imli Confit, Chilli Cheese Hazelback , Tandoori Fungi. These were instant hit not only among our vegetarian friends , but even we could not hold back our hands .

Obviously, when it came to non vegetarian side of things  we finished them off in no time – Shiracha Chicken Shish Took, Ghee Roasted Chicken on baby roti (awwww it was awesome, the spicy after-taste just grows on you; this was inspired by Mangalorean cuisine); Smorreboard of Tuna Parsley Pate & Yellow pepper confit (towards the bland side, but perfect) ; Green chilli lamb on baby roti and prawn peppers. While I am gung-ho about the ghee roasted chicken and the Smorreboard of Tuna , the prawns need some more improvisation. There was a dish which could be easily mistaken as “fish n chips” but good news for all those who are not fish lovers – this is chicken ,so you can manage it very well.

We were so merry in the company of acclaim’ds , little happy on the negligible magic potions in the cocktails and  already so full, that we could barely move to the main course. In main course we had Mushroom Ragout and bacon Pizza & pulled tandoori burgers (they wore more like siders & the perfect size at that time)

Chef Souvik Gupta , who curated this entire new menu and still working on it , came out occasionally and joined us spontaneously in our “adda” . He explained how he had in mind the usual clientele of this place & how he is trying to move away from the usual fare of tapas , etc and give this place a new menu to go well with beverages, especially inspired by the Indian cuisine. In fact the moment he heard that we were not so interested in the main course for the evening , but want to move to the dessert course – he vanished for sometime and resurfaced with jars of “bhapa doi” with copious helping of almonds and dry fruits.


The evening passed so quickly that we were unaware of the fact that the clock was running fast to announce the advent of the next day. We prolonged the evening by sitting in the terrace which turned to be an extension of the bar inside and helps you sit out – sans the AC. We even had a couple of shots to finally bid adieu to the evening and return home.

Thanks Sanctum Club , Arjit Choudhury & Souvik Gupta to make this Tuesday Evening Special !

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  1. Shubhangini says:

    Your writing makes the food come alive from the photos. Thank you for your review. Will definitely try..👍🏻👍🏻


  2. Prema Maity says:

    Miam miam !! I dunno what is more interesting, your detailed write up..the mouth watering food pics ..or the yummy menu @Sanctum !! Cant wait to come to bangalore now 🙂


  3. Karni says:

    The drinks/food look mouth-watering. Your blog is definitely making them more tempting. Included in my “must visit places” list . 🙂


  4. sraboni pal says:

    looks yummy would love to visit someday


  5. Gouri Shankar Bohidar says:

    A fantabulous place .. Can’t resist myself from trying out the new.. Will have to go soon.
    P.S very well articulated


    1. Thank you … Let’s visit together


  6. Namita Pal says:

    Great! Me and Mamu were absorbed in reading line by line your write up and looking at the befitting pics which were enough to refresh our appetite even after having dinner. …..!


    1. Awwwww … Thank you so much. Porer baar eley shobai miley jabo


  7. mousciencecrazy says:

    So irresistible just keep updating


    1. Thank you for the encouragement … I will


  8. Reetu Chopra says:

    Very nicely written


    1. Thank you Reetu 🙂


  9. Ahona says:

    Very well written and the pics are simply droolworthy!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


    1. Ebar Bangalore esho .. we will do all these


  10. Rina Ghosh says:

    Your writing skill supports those attractive foods. .excellent !


  11. Arnab says:

    Wow, delicious dishes, specially chicken fungi n mocktails are mouth watering . as a curd lover I m pleased to see ‘bhapa doi’ , it’s been long days I hvnt had it


    1. Tomar bondhu der niye chotto ekta shafor plan karo. Chef ‘bangali’


  12. Gopa Kar says:

    So happy that you enjoyed the evening .Seems to be a cozy place with such a wonderful menu to your liking.


    1. Absolutely. They had selected the menu in such a way … No elaborate meals .. yet filling


  13. Sailesh says:

    Great read! Will definitely visit soon.


  14. Puja RoyChatterjee says:

    Quite appealing!!


    1. True. Tui anek kichui banash back banatey parbi , eta thekey


  15. bedashrutimitrabasu says:

    The Mozzarella Bruschetta looks yummier than the Bruschettas usually available elsewhere! Yum!


    1. Very true. What I liked about this place was, there were lots of veggie dishes which can be eaten by all


  16. Madhura says:

    Nice one!!!


  17. Diptajit Das says:

    Ambiance seems to be quite interesting…😊😊😊😊


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