The Windsor Pub – Old Charm in a new Setting

Today, after some errands in Indiranagar , we decided to walk around and discover a place which we have not been before. Am glad the nameplate of this building caught our fancy and we stepped in. Very calm , quaint , differently arranged – the place will definitely cast a different charm. You may choose to sit in the outermost room and have a roadside view or sit a little inside and enjoy the music, food and beverages. We chose a unique place with a few bougainvillea plants retained from the erstwhile household.
Did I mention about the nameplate ? This was the house of former Indian Cricket player E.A.S Prasanna. This house used to host i&monkey earlier , under the umbrella of the same group before the age old Windsor Pub shifted here.

The mercury soaring high my husband and a friend of mine sipped their beer and Iced lemon tea (peach) respectively, while I enjoyed the mint infused water with ice.



We ordered backwater fried meat as a starter , followed by meatball curry , Goan prawn curry & steamed rice. The curries were served in interesting big cups. The meatball curry was slightly on the sweeter side (due to cinammon).I wish the masala of the Goan prawn curry was slightly more done.

The last surprise was a mango souffle served to us (on the house).Overall quite a nice experience and we shall definitely go back again.

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