The Permit Room


On a Sunday, as we strolled lazily past Garuda Mall, we chanced to see the attractive poster of  “The Permit Room” or henceforth to be referred as (TPR) .With a bit of luxury of time we stepped in & voila we found a spacious oasis with food and drink names to blend you and the old Bangalore charm, which we knew little, till now. I would say I am lucky to visit it around that time when I was able to still see the outside greenery in the fast fading daylight. The ambiance is lively. Even in the smoking area they have kept a lot of plants. The decor evokes an old Bangalore charm. It’s a  4 storeyed building with the amazing décor and charm.

Coming to food – they have Sunday brunch . In snacks you can find cheesy gunpowder pondy fries ( choice of potato or tapioca served with chunky mango pickle mayo) , bellary palya (chilled eggplant mash and smashed peanut dip with jowar crackers), okra podi chips, mini podi idlis ,dosas ( roasted beetroot / shredded chicken / pulled pork )etc. You can also savour Goan prawn cocktail, pandi spare ribs, Kerala beef fry, liver n bacon pepper fry, fish pollichathu, kosambari salad (mixed moving dal sprouts, feta crumble and pomegranate arils). Very different food on the whole.
For drinks too you will discover different names and flavours. We tried Ammachi’s kashyam & Guntur liquid chutney.

Visit their website for more details

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  1. Priyanka Nagpal says:

    Awesome review… loved how you have given intricate details about the ambiance.


  2. Priyanka Nagpal says:

    Awesome review… loved the way you gave the intricate details of the ambiance.


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