Navratri Finally Begins for Me

There are certain things which are unexplainable – e.g. the usual khichuri never tastes as good as the bhog and the regular thaali will never taste as delicious as the navratrithaali .

Here we begin – With the Durgapuja this week, my mind is wandering in the streets of Kolkata – Metro cinema , New Market, Gariahat and so many places. I have seen Ma bargain a lot while buying things from the street hawkers. In case she felt she did not get a right deal – she would check the next salesperson with similar ware and this time if she found it just – she would not pick up one , but probably a few more, to make up for the loss incurred earlier. While the same doesn’t apply to food – I must admit the search for the next ‘right’ place – the state of mind remained the same for me , since last Saturday. The hunt for the perfect ‘navratri thaali’ kept me occupied. I am unabashed and now glad that my wait was just 48 hours long and now I as I write – I have had that perfect thaali , I was imagining.

I am just back from a scrumptious meal and after a long time I wanted to write and then hit the bed. NH8 has a special ‘vrat thali’ priced at INR 465 till the 25th of October (apart from their regular thali).How much ever I praise this thaali,it won’t be enough . Because after the initial wait – when the plate came , it was not only a visual treat but also an olfactory orgasm. And as the old n wise said – ‘Ghrānena ardho bhojanam’.

This thaali is meant for people who are fasting – and they have thoughtfully added cut banana and raisins to start with along with lassi. Although they have 3 dishes comprising of saboo dana – but each is different from the other. The cashew paneer – needs no explanation – you know from the taste and texture what are the ingredients. The arbi fry and all other darsan were fresh n crisp. The pooris (2 types – Rajgiri puri & Kutt ki poori) were perfect size , non greasy and so apt with the aloo tamatar , aloo jeera and khatta meetha kaddu. In fact the ‘aao bhagat’ is absolutely commensurate with the ‘atithi devo bhava’ attitude which Rajasthan embodies. I am truly floored. I chanced to meet the hands (otherwise you may call the Maharaj) who cooked this lovely meal – Joshi Ji , who has extensive travel experience over 25 countries for catering .

It’s just 3.8 kms from my home and in case you are willing – just give me a buzz , I am game to come along once more. They have this vrat thaali in all the 3 branches of NH8 – sahakarnagar, Indiranagar and Whitefield. This was not my first visit and I am glad even after the world changing situation – they are still the same. I definitely recommend this – in case you are contemplating of trying the navratri thali this season. 

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