Want to get food on time – order vegetarian (if you are travelling by #airindia)

I talk about most of my experiences , I felt I should talk about this too. I wrote this last afternoon when I was enroute from #newark to #mumbai on a plane by #airindia . Infact , I have been advocating about the route , the comfort I enjoyed while I was traveling to Newark, to all my friends, all these 9 months. But there was something yesterday , which brought out a monster in me for few minutes and I vented my frustrations on a flight steward and finished the venomous one sided talk with the word ‘period’. It’s rare. I am wondering now , what brought out that monster in me.It’s about an hour long experience . And I guess, the anguish was just not for myself but for all those elderly folks around , who probably waited cluelessly along with me , while a part of pax who had opted for #vegetarian food almost finished their meal.The flight took off around 12.30 p.m. EST . Drinks were served around 1.45 p.m. and soon after that those who had opted for #vegetarianmeal were served their food. Fair enough . In such a huge flight which is almost full , all cannot be served together. It was not until 3.05 I was asked what would I like to have vegetarian or non vegetarian. I couldn’t believe my ears. Couldn’t this question be asked when my co-passengers were being served vegetarian food ? Wouldn’t it be polite then to ask and then inform that the non vegetarian meals will be served in so much time. I lost my patience and asked the person if I were to ask for vegetarian food , by now I guess I should have finished my meal. In response to this I was told that those have ordered for vegetarian food have been given preference and in case there are vegetarian meals left , I can try that too else the options were chicken and lamb. I just couldn’t believe. The conversation just did not go well with me. I saw many old people around , who were probably returning home after visiting their kids, family, siblings and all this while they were equally clueless like me. As it is at a moment like this , separation from near ones leave you in a sad state of mind , at that point of time this ‘second class citizen’ just does not make you feel right.I finished my complain to the steward on the same note that I felt #bad , I felt #sad and this is not fair. All he could say is #sorry. of course this is not #personal hence I don’t expect anything more from him .I opted for lamb. It was awful. The salt was beyond tolerance level. A #meatlover like me was left with such disgust that I had to get up and tell them about the same.I also told them , going by my experience , I shall opt for vegetarian meals for all the other meals to be served onboard. Albeit, the same person was very cautious and helpful , he changed my food and gave me vegetarian meal along with an additional bowl of chicken. The chicken tasted quite stale.But , whatever he did now just couldn’t override the #discrimination and #unjust feeling I went through which brought out the disgruntled me , which I usually never feel.On lighter note, even before I finished a few morsel from my meal , coffee and tea was being served. This time my co-passengers and I was asked a-la-meme-temps . They should have at least understood , they served the non vegetarian food more than hour later , so give them that time to finish the meal and then ask for beverages. Just don’t do things as part of a check-list. Apply logic. Apply some humane touch to the work you do.Moral of the story is – if you book flights for a long route for your parents, any elderly person or even for self , opt for vegetarian meal. Atleast , you will get your food on time. It even tastes better.Thanks #airindia for #forcibly converting me to #vegetarianonboard through my experience.

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