Not all meals are memorable – but each meal serves a purpose (weekly dinner date #3)

We have made it a ritual to go for at least one weekday dinner date. The days change . The plan is always impromptu.
Yesterday I went to alliance francaise, NYC & then Kalustyan’s. I had planned and had dinner ready too, but after all the walking around just wanted to sit somewhere and tell all my experiences to R without having to think of heating, plates, later having to do the dishes etc .
R had proposed Buffalo Wings near our house but I asked for something Asian .The probable reason could be , I walked through the Korea Town of Manhattan today on my way back , but as R wasn’t there , I did not stop by.

We did a little Google check separately and unanimously proposed #AJiAsiancuisine in #secaucus.

We parked the car and entered the restaurant. There was only 1 diner, apart from 3 of their own people dining there. My assumption is based on the fact that they were eating from steel plates and bowls.ww chose a seat by the window and the heater too , considering it was pretty windy and cold outside (below -3° C ) . We chose a seat a little farther from the main door , so that each time the door opened , we are not bothered by the cold gush of air . However, the choice of seating did not help. We still kept on experiencing the cold disturbance from time to time , as many people just walked in to take their ‘to go’ orders (for us in bangalore , the equivalent expression is ‘parcel’).
After sitting for a while we realized no one will come to take the order or serve us water. So we picked up the menu chose a miss soup and 2 dishes from the dinner combo. The sudden shift from the mood for lavish food to being frugal , possibly triggered by the initial experience in the restaurant. Now I was not in a mood to waste my time breaking my head over what to choose . R had a call at 11 pm and I had too much to tell before the day ends. I went up to the counter , where a lady was constantly answering all the ‘online orders or people calling for ‘to go’. I ordered and paid at the same time, about $20.

Warm food was served to us on the table. The miso soup being the best of the order tonight. The sea weed and tofu pieces added that touch which I was looking for . In the mains I had ordered for beef chow mein & road pork. Each of these come with egg roll and pork fried rice . When the plates arrived ,we realized , we could have just ordered for 1 and another chow fun or Mei fun (rice noodles) . We did not want to order for sushi etc at this hour, because we needed this time mainly for talking and I think it served the purpose.

We left the tips and walked away , still talking about my experience in New York.

In our little town some of the #holiday decorations were still displayed , I wondered how these lights made me feel as if I am in December and not the last day of February 2019.

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