In Indian Accent, NYC

In India, we have often thought of visiting #indianaccent in #Newdelhi , but somehow we never got the chance. Now that we are so close to #Newyork we could not let go of this oppurtunity.I got the booking done in advance and reached the venue on time. On my way, I even posted an #Instagram story unable to restrain my excitement.

We were greeted by a lady and taken inside, she suggested us a spacious corner seating considering it was a brunch. As per Katrina, as brunch means lot of dishes we would need space and hence the corner seat with cushions to rest and enjoy our meal in a leisurely fashion. The table was quite unique.It table top had a concave curvature.

We opted for brunch feast which had the option of 3 starters, 4 main course & 2 desserts. It’s priced at $55 per person + taxes. It’s a shared feast for the table, which means dishes in each course will be served together for the table. This was a pre fixed menu. However, if you like to change any of the dishes, it is permissible. Also, in case you like any particular dish and want to reorder , that is feasible too.

The other option was $35 for a 2 course menu. This is a good option for a group of people , then you can try quite a few dishes.

Back to my lunch; for starters we went for the pre fixed menu “wasabi and yogurt batata puri” (in fact this is the only dish we repeated, the ‘phuchka fan me’ just couldn’t help not doing this) and “crab chilli cheese toast”. Instead of the “herb sago pancake” we opted for bacon and sweet potato sakarkandi with crispy okra.

We even ordered for 2 cocktails for ourselves and this is not part of the brunch feast. R opted for a Ginger Sip (cold pressed ginger-averna-carpano antica formula) and I ordered for the “Indian accent bloody Mary” Both the drinks were recommended along with the brunch menu. They were really good. Another observation , these were served with metal straws, I really liked the no plastic affair.

Now coming to the main course.All the mains were served at the same time and explained too.

We stuck by the recommendations : parsi ‘salli per eedu (fried eggs on top of crispy fried potatoes, chutneys) . The crispy fried potatoes reminded me of my dida’s jhuri aloo bhaja and sunny side up each time I visited her. She was gone too soon. But I remember the early years with her.

Next came the Herb shrimp omelette , curry pao.

This reminded me of 2 places in bangalore & 1 in Kolkata . Mutton omlette from Koshy’s & Soda Bottle Openerwala , their breakfast and my childhood favorite paw bhaji from #mayarams , Lord sinha road .

We then gradually turned towards the kulchas placed on the table along with the daal makhni and raita.

Finally we dunked our spoon in the the beef chilli dubba gosht which was accompanied by a church chur naan or paratha with hints of ajwain. But by this time we were too full , so I felt sad but had to let the paratha go unattended.

The last lap of our brunch was finished by their dessert. The usual recommended ones were makhan malai & kheer. But we replaced the kheer with the ‘old monk’ Rum ball with valrhona chocolate. Rum balls are my favorite since school days (Kathleen was right beside my school and I enjoyed occasional visits to Russel Street for the rum balls at another place) .

Trust me , I was very happy with the instinctive change . Both the desserts were good. Each different from the other. The makhan malai was the first dessert of it’s kind. The initial grand size might baffle you after the brunch feast , but trust me , you cannot keep the spoon aside until you have finished it all , mild and fluffy, she is a dandy to flirt with the spoon and tongue. The Rum ball was rich and coils your tongue emotionally.

My overall experience was average . I can’t say I am overwhelmed by the experience. The staff needs special mention , be it the bartender, the waiters, waitress , the captain , each know their job and goes out of the way to explain. They are definitely a valuable part of the #indianaccent experience.

Some of the ingredients like the chutneys, pickled cucumber,even the daal makhani or the chutney on top of the Salli per eedu was above my sour tolerance level. Now, it’s definitely my personal opinion . I live in South of India for the past 15 years ,so my sour tolerance is better than my Calcutta days or what my friends visiting South appreciate.But, I felt that this tanginess in the dishes here, is a little higher .Perhaps , one visit is not enough to comment so strongly. But this is an opinion after tasting quite a few dishes and not just one.

This is just the first visit and am sure we shall be back soon.

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