A sudden pizza date !!


After my visit to the Secaucus Public library I was beaming and full of things to tell Rajarshee .He came to pick me up and suddenly proposed a #pizzadate to hear all that I have experienced. Though I was prepared for a dinner at home , but who does not love to sit by the window , munch on new York styled pizza and have a conversation.
So the car took me past the wall where I always see the writing “Secaucus , home of plaza pizza” little did I know that we are actually heading to the same place.

We ordered for 2 slices of special pizza and a garlic bread. In the TV the President was addressing the public regarding his view point on the physical barrier which is the cause of the shutdown. Soon representatives of the Congress put forth their counter viewpoints and urged him to stop the shutdown and invited him to talk.
I have had binging sessions on #netflix or #amazonprime where in a particular series they show that the President is addressing the nation. Here , I was actually witnessing a similar situation. It all seemed so surreal.
Thanks Rajarshee for the impromptu plan.

This pizza date was worth about $11 but in reality much much more than that.

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