GingerBread House & Christmas Tree Lighting

IMG_20171201_194504-01My earliest memory of GingerBread House dates back to when I first read Hensel and Gretel. Every time I read the book I visualized myself inside the gingerbread house. This childhood fantasy turned into a reality this December. I was invited to Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway for the annual Lighting of the Christmas Tree.

We reached there in the evening and the place was brightly lit and all decked to welcome the season to be jolly. Eager kids accompanied by their parents were making their own miniature Gingerbread house.

These were later neatly packed and handed over to them as a souvenir. While they made their own Gingerbread house – they sipped on Strawberry milkshake or hot chocolate milkshake and nibbled on Christmas specialties like – Lamb shepherd’s pie, Turkey and mushroom vol-au-vents, crab cakes, mini pizza lets, Walnut and goat cheese crostini, jalapeno & corn dynamites.

In desserts they had the plum cake and apple cinnamon Strudel. We were also offered White Wine Sangria and mulled wine. Everything, reflected the spirit of the season – be it the serving tray, the milkshake glass or the ambience.

The Mammoth Gingerbread house stood 14ft tall! Approximately 3500 tiles were used to make this structure, which required 9 Chefs to work continuously for 8 days.The ingredients of this huge fairy tale come true structure included : Flour – 650 kg , Sugar – 340 kg ,Glucose – 12 kg , Honey – 150 kg ,Marshmallows – 3 kg and Jujubes – 3 kg for decoration.In addition to these there were macarons and cookies for embellishing the GingerBread house.

On enquiring, I was told this is the fruit of 8 days of continuous effort just to finish the bakery and edible décor work. Apart from that, an additional 11 days were required to put the infrastructure.

This installation will remain in the hotel premises till the end of the season, where everyone can take a tour. Inside the installation, there are gifts for kids and adults which can be purchased. Candies, chocolates and hampers are some of the gifting options.

The huge Christmas Tree seemed to be waiting for us with the sledge parked right in front of it. The lighting was inaugurated that evening – which now adorns the hotel lobby.About 17 Kids from Shishu Mandir sang Christmas Carols. I listened to them, reminiscing my school days.

There was a letter box to the Santa, where stationaries lay readily scattered, for the kids to write letters with their wish list to be sent to the North Pole. There were kids of all ages, busy drafting their wish list.

IMG_20171201_200241-01So, here is my first-hand experience from my childhood book to reality – the actual tour of the Ginger bread house. Indeed, it’s time to sing along – we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

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  1. Beautiful writing, all over again! 🙂
    Like you, I began fantasising about gingerbread after reading about it in Hansel & Gretel and a whole lot of Enid Blyton books. Last year, I got the opportunity to check out the beautiful gingerbread house at Sheraton. Indeed, it was gorgeous!
    Will try to visit this year too, to check out the decorations! 🙂


    1. Visit it with the “bub”


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