Three Dots & A Dash – The tiki experience

IMG_20171014_140349This was my first experience at a Tiki Bar. Now did the name “Tiki Bar” tickle your senses? At least it did to me 😊

Now what’s a “Tiki Bar” – it’s that hub which invokes the romanticism of tropical culture. So, to retain that romance – Three Dots and a Dash has its unique style and character which is quite interesting.

I had seen posts and pictures of this place from friends and acquaintances, so much so  that I really longed to visit this place. Finally , invited by a friend I reached here on a Saturday afternoon. At the entrance there is a huge tree which extends its shade over this place – which I was really happy about. These days with the number of trees going down the axe in Bangalore being so rampant, I really appreciate a place – which still retains the green cover. There are artificial torches at the railings of the flight of stairs which take you upstairs. They have 2 floors. I preferred sitting upstairs in the open – where you can sit under the extended shadow of the tree and also count the to and fro metro rail of namma Bengaluru.

The place has sitting arrangement of all sorts – the high stool, regular chairs, to “gaddas” or the cushioned ones. I preferred occupying one such seat at the end – where I got a different feel of Indiranagar. The ambiance of this place will transport you to a Tropical shack – as you are greeted with a garland (like the picture evoked in our inner mind of Hawaii). An official photographer – clicked a pic, and as he was about to target the next table – I popped my question – how do I get this pic? to which his quick rehearsed response was: check the FB page 😊 , a very nice way to actually engage the guests.

On asking they revealed that the name “Three Dots and a Dash” is inspired by a beverage made by Don the Beachcomber (known as Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, who was the founding father of tiki restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. This name also stands as the Morse code for the letter “V” which is symbolic to the word “V” since World War II till date. This drink was apparently a tribute by Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt or Don the beachcomber, to the American Soldiers who fought in the WWII.

They have used lots of bamboo and natural wood to give the tropical feel, especially the roof top gives the Tropical Hawaiian feeling. The exotic cocktails are made and served here in Tiki mugs, which are unique in style.


I had a cocktail – served in a tender coconut with nitrogen fumes to add to the charm  (Caribbean cooler). The menu card itself has pictures of the interesting containers in which a drink is to be served – so you will not find it difficult (along with the ingredients). I would love to try their “treasure chest” someday.  They have hukkahs too, so next time you have the urge – you don’t have to travel too far, but visit this place in the heart of Indiranagar.

I ordered for a Greek salad to start with, followed by Veg dumpling (for my veggie friends) and five spice pork chunks and conjee lamb for myself, both these dishes were amazing.

In the mains we ordered for BBQ Cottage cheese skewer, soft wrapped tortilla, Milan chicken lasagna, Moroccan Lamb Tagine (this has become my personal favourite now) & Island fish too. To compliment the hookah & drinks we also ordered for Oriental Veg and Oriental Chicken pizza.

In desserts – we had apple strudel and cheese cake. Next day – when I went with my family – we tried other cocktails and some shots along with assorted starter platter.

By the way, I loved their craft beer too from Geist. You can really enjoy the tasters first, select what you want to and then go for a bigger mug or a pitcher.

So, here’s a piece of Hawaii in the heart of our own city.

Three Dots & A Dash Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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