The Earthquake Challenge @ Swensens

Bengalis are known for their “sweet-tooth” & we are no exceptions. We regularly contribute by posting in the group “Bengaluru Desserts club” – started by Vinay Nagaraju and have been waiting for something special arranged by him, which we have already witnessed before in the 3 events by him for “Bengaluru Biriyani Club

In association with Swensen’s Koramangala,he arranged the first meet of this club “Bengaluru Desserts Club”: An earthquake challenge (a typical earthquake consists of 8 scoops of ice cream, 5 scoops of cream, 5 de-seeded cherries & different sauces). In the beginning Vinay & Mr. Pinaki Mukherjee from Swensens India , explained about the company, the ingredients used , the last earthquake challenge (the recorded time was 2 mins 54 seconds) .



All the participants were initially treated with a newly launched Falooda by Swensens. We have passed this place so many times, and even been to the outlet in kamanahalli. But this Sunday afternoon seemed to be so special. The entire atmosphere was different.


When I went there last Sunday, accompanied by Raj, I had zero knowledge on who will partner with me in this massive dessert challenge. At home, we are used to watching Man Vs. Food & we used to dream of such an experience. Once we reached,we casually checked with couple of other friends, but soon I was surprised by Raj who volunteered to be my partner in this. I know he is “the ice-cream eater” of the house, but little did I know what’s in store for us after sometime.

The sequencing was done through lucky draw, post which, 2 teams competed against each other at a time & in this way, 6 rounds of Earthquake challenge kept us amused. Our number was “6”; I watched the first 2 rounds with astonishment – each team had their own unique way of finishing this huge dessert. When it came to our turn, the moment we sat down, my heart pounded and I still remember asking Raj – “what’s our strategy?”- he said “none”.




We were provided with the humongous dessert, 2 spoons & a glass of water each to finish the Earthquake. As I bit the first cherry with the expectation that it will have the seed, realized it was already deseeded & this encouraged me to finish the cherries first. Now I realized my partner has already started pounding the ice-creams scoops – like the way we find in the “stoned” ice-cream corners. I realized and told myself – don’t analyze, just eat – I kept having my spoonful of ice-creams in quick succession. After few seconds, I realized the crowd was cheering Raj, when I glanced at him, I saw him devouring massive portions of the blended ice-cream. As an avid follower of Man Vs. Food – I knew he is living his moment & I should just keep going. Even before we realized we polished off the last ice-cream drop – without any stop. Guess the time we finished all of this in (2 mins 19 seconds). We were simply elated being able to finish this in such record time.


After all the teams finished their ice-creams – we got to know our performance from the time keeper & we also realized that we were the first that day, to break the previous earthquake challenge where the recorded time was 2 mins 54 seconds. Eventually 2 more teams fared much better than us, we still stood in the victory stand as the 2nd runner up.

Muthu & Anu, finished this in 1 mins 55 seconds – claiming the crown for that afternoon. Priyanka & Kranti bagged the first runner position finishing this in 2 mins 11 seconds. Eminent foodie Devesh Agarwal also participated. They were possibly the only group who savored each bit of that huge dessert & distinctly remembered the flavours. Even the founder Vinay & Naveen participated in this challenge.

On the whole, it’s going to be an event to remember for the fun we had & this massive achievement for a long time!


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  1. Tripti Charan says:

    Wow nice 👍🏼


  2. Currylines says:

    Lovely event S. Love the way you have described it


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement!


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