The Larhmeen Experience

When it comes to Biriyani , people always talk about Lucknow , Hyderabad, Kolkata .But I say , it’s here in Bangalore. The plethora of options that we have in our city is “unparallel”. It’s here – people relish Biriyani right from 6 a.m. in the morning or perhaps even earlier. So each time I get to taste a new place – I add another jewel to the crown and share with you all.

Recently I had the good fortune of tasting Biriyani & kebabs from Larhmeen Kitchen a couple of weeks back , but yesterday when I saw the Coverage on TOI, I thought I must share it asap with my extended family of 900+ people , that is you all.

Basically , it’s the secret recipe preserved and now catered by the Larhmeen family. When you taste this, your perception about cloud kitchens are bound to change, coz right from the package ,the taste, portion , options will amuse you .

Apart from their Biriyanis I must must talk about the kebabs. I really loved them.In fact they were so succulent and good , that I popped a few initially and then also made a roll out of them with home made parathas. Chicken kebabs , when they are so good – you ought to praise it , coz I find chicken very very wry and basic.

Also wanted to let you know the word #larhmen means the art of slow cooking . It’s a blend of taste and tradition. As, Chef Mohd Suhaib Khan brings a very rich legacy in his culinary journey, which is another key ingredient behind the Larhmeen experience. I am sure the aroma of this new venture will reach nooks and corner of our Garden City and beyond.

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