Hakkachow rekindles memories from calcutta and hyderabad

wp-1597638502671.jpgI grew up in a Calcutta , where when asked to dineout, the first thing that popped from our mouth was ‘chinese’ as the preferred option. We were ignorant of the other south eastern flavours those days. Gradually we learnt about  the ‘thai’ magic. It’s when my eldest cousin moved to Japan , our household got familiarized with Japanese names. However, Chinese (the Indian Chinese ) remained the house favorite.

In Hyderabad, my second home, if not the biriyani or haleem , I used to be a very very regular at a small chinese restaurant near Sangeet theater , before or after the movies , I loved their steam rice and the veggies. I was also a very regular person at Nanking. My parents and I have had countless meals at Nanking and it’s annexe. When I took R there for the first time he joked that probably they cloned Prawns and hence are so generous with their helping.

About 7 years back when we traveled to Singapore around similar time of the year as now , that’s when I got to explore and realized there are so many more tastes – each distinct from the other, Javanese, Balinese, etc. Of course we loved the Vietnamese and korean joints in namma ooru.

One might wonder , why am i talking about all these memories from the past. Actually recently when I received the tasting menu from the newly launched hakkachow , along with the flavours of the food – memories evoked. Especially my Kolkata and Hyderabad days.

In the recent times, when we are all aware how difficult it is to get going and manage the existing set-up , while everyone is trying to be afloat, a new launch is unthinkable. However, hakkachow is exactly that! A fresh air in our current arid life.
I took some time in writing about this as I thoroughly enjoyed their offerings.

What I loved most – the person who called me saying that so and so will be delivering & in case you have any questions about the food , combinations etc , you may ask him. Now , this is something I really really appreciate when someone related to the f&b house I am eating from or at , can explain me their fare.
When the personnel came down to deliver following all the safety criterion , I must must say , he was one of the most professionally attired person I have seen recently and that too , for home delivery.

Next is the enticing packaging. I let all the items sit on the coffee table for sometime and just admired the sakura adorned package, neatly labelled , no leak, the boxes shall call for anyone’s fancy. In fact I have kept the paper covers even till now.


When I opened the Satay, spring rolls and the vegetable parcel , the plantain leaf – lining really needs mention because of the thoughtfulness behind it.Of all the things I received – I am wondering which one should I mention or skip. I can’t skip any of these. The flavour , crunch, aroma – different sauce pairing – everything is so perfect.



wp-1597638502609.jpgWriting paragraphs after paragraphs can never replace your experience. I urge you to experience it yourself.


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