As we cheered and waved Mama a high five

It’s a proud moment and great experience to be able to celebrate a milestone moment of one of our favorite restaurants. I still remember , years back when R and I visited #mamagato for a quiet meal . I remember savouring their dishes with ingredients like ‘waterchestnut’ which was a dear thing from my childhood , yet novelty in salads for me.Last Tuesday I was invited to attend the 5th anniversary of #mamagato , indiranagar.

The invitation was from none other than Aslam Gafoor on behalf of #gourmetpassport. A person I really admire. We were also joined by Michelle Gafoor.

The evening was really fun as it was a mini reunion for many of us who visited #tamara #coorg together like Debo & Tapas, Nitin, Seema. Towards the end it felt like a group of relatives taking about their day to day lives , ups and downs , after the main event is over.Now let me come to drinks and food , I savoured. I loved sipping the wasabi mojito from the start till the end of the evening.In the small plates I ordered for mud crab salad (don’t imagine any regular salad , when you hear this name, it’s a kind of sushi roll too) , pandan chicken and pla neung manow (steamed basa in lemon coriander and chilli sauce) , this was spicy – flavourful and an absolute delight for me.We moved to another section for the main course and here’s what we ordered .And then of course my favorite dessert – the sticky rice & mango to sum up this wonderful dinner.Is this kind of a dinner complete without tea , they must have been mind-reading.And from any #gourmetpassport event you don’t come back home without memories of good food , meeting different people and a souvenir.This time the souvenir was really a thoughtful one and very close to my heart.The added gift for me was meeting one of our leadership (whom I really admire for his public speaking) and his wife. I got to know he started as a chef and then transitioned to the current role , which he manages amazingly well.

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