Aam-fatale !

Since my Hyderabad days – I have associated #ugadi with #pachadi , I simply love the taste as well as the significance of this dish. Even in Bangalore I got to taste it from some friend or neighbors. This year , I was checking all the online posts , in fact a friend of mine, who knows my penchant for pachadi asked me to check if there is a south-indian temple around , where I can possibly taste some temple food. I checked with another neighbor here, if she is making some and the response wad negative. She didn’t even know how to make it.
But #nature had it’s own way of making me taste something seasonal. When I was walking in between streets of #nyc this afternoon , I observed this lady selling mangoes on the streets. This was the first day I say #mangoes being sold on the streets. I simply couldn’t resist. Bought it for $3. She cut it and put it in neatly in a #ziploc with salt , chilli & lemon. I paid and literally finished the mango right next to her. She observed and gave me another half , to savour. Her name was Mary (I asked her , as I really wanted to thank her) and these mangoes she was selling were from #mexico.

So, I got the opportunity to start with seasonal fruit. My grandma always insisted on this , that we shouldn’t miss out on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, can an #Indian resist the first glance at #mango . This post is dedicated to all the mango lovers !!!


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