Thermomix – The Kitchen Robot at you service


IMG-20180828-WA0015.jpgExactly about a fortnight back, on a Sunday morning I was invited by a friend to experience a kitchen robot she believed is worth sharing. Rajarshee & I were both excited to be part of this session, as we both like our kitchen time and love to cook. The moment we entered the Pocket Kitchen office, we forgot the distance we had travelled. The interiors of the office has been gracefully done and is very cheerful.

On one side, the cookbooks laid displayed in the shelf, they had French, German & Italian version too. On checking I understood as there is a huge demand among non-English speaking countries they have books in varied languages. To cook one can either refer these books or use the chip attached to the gadget.

IMG-20180828-WA0002.jpgNow coming to the gadget in discussion – Thermomix is a multitasking kitchen Robot which can blend, mix, grind, stir, whip, chop, emulsify, weigh while we cooked & cook intelligently. Created by German company Vorwerk (pronounced as ‘Forwork’), the current version of Thermomix (Thermomix TM5) is a much more evolved version which initially started as a baby food processor.

So here is a list of dishes which we witnessed before us –

IMG-20180823-WA0019.jpgWe saw Thermomix churn sugar into powdered sugar and then on adding water and lemons – in next 15 seconds it made lemonade. I still recall my astonishment at the intelligent way, the lemon was squeezed inside the container. We strained and tasted it.

Next, we saw it churn Fresh Fruit Ice cream from chunks of frozen pineapple, coconut cream, sugar. It was pure delight. There was no thawing required. I found it tricky yet handy. There was no spillage or mess.

IMG-20180823-WA0032.jpgWe also saw the making of perfectly balanced hummus. The best part is the weighing machine in built in this kitchen robot helps in weighing the ingredients to be used, directly in the mixing bowl.

IMG-20180823-WA0027.jpgWe even witnessed the making of a delicious bowl of pumpkin soup, in three easy steps. If I can come back home and get this often, I shall stop eating the junk I have at home, as soon as I return home. It can also control temperature – so it will remain warm too.

Later we saw the slow cooking of Risotto, where each ingredient gradually went in and all we had to do is ‘wait’.

IMG-20180823-WA0055.jpgLastly, we saw with our jaws wide open the gradual and delicious Spaghetti in Marinara Sauce. We fondly watched as the spaghetti got cooked slowly. Taste wise it was absolutely the home-made way.

IMG-20180828-WA0001.jpgNow coming to what this “one jar does it all” can do – it can cook, boil, stew, steam, blend, crush, grate, grind, chop, make puree, whisk. Personally speaking, the design of the jar is not complex, hence it’s easy to clean. The entire machine can be moved around with not much effort. I always look at this aspect, else these gadgets become cumbersome.

What I cannot use this gadget is to fry, bake or roast.

With women juggling multiple roles these days, it will be easier for us to have home food and not order every day, if we master the techniques of this kitchen robot. If you ask me, if I would like to use one, my answer at the blink of an eye – yes.

One can go by the traditional recipe book or use the chip-based recipes too. One can even create their your own customized chip if there are more than 50 recipes. All the spare parts are available in the Pocket Kitchen office, which is another reason for not to worry.

There are some features which really appealed to me – this is extremely helpful for professionals who need to measure the exact amount or control temperature. It’s very handy for working individuals who want to cook for their family but do not have the luxury of time. It’s useful for youngsters who want to cook at home, through the step by step instructions on the screen in front of the device. The jar lid opens only after certain time, there-by ensuring no spillage.

In terms of ease of purchase, they have easy EMI options, over 3,6,9,12,18 & 24 months respectively). For price, you can directly connect with Team Thermomix (; +91 9108125962)

In fact, one can even be associated with Thermomix, they are looking for people who can be the face and voice of the product. The individual can agree to work at his/her own convenience, pace etc.


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